What does the Streetscape Policy cover?

Streetscape is the term given to the collective appearance of all buildings, footpaths and gardens along a street.

The streetscape is the visual identity of a neighbourhood and plays an important role in fostering interaction between residents and creating a community.

This policy aims to create and preserve neighbourhoods that are attractive, safe and offer high amenity for residents and pedestrians.

The policy covers a range of matters including housing design, building setbacks, fencing and landscaping, as these collectively impact the quality of streetscapes.

Recent changes to the Policy were adopted by Council at its Meeting on 26 August 2014 to primary street setbacks in City Beach and Floreat Precincts to 6m. Additional changes to the policy relating to crossovers in Wembley and West Leederville were also adopted by Council but are subject to Western Australian Planning Commission approval.

A copy of the policy is available for viewing at Council's offices, 1 Bold Park Drive, Floreat during office hours or can be downloaded below.


   Streetscape Policy


Guide to Streetscape Policy

The following guide provides an overview of Council's Streetscape Policy.

Most things you need to know are covered in the brochure but, if there is any doubt, look at more detailed Streetscape Policy below. The brochure has been updated to reflect all proposed changes to the policy.

pdf.png    View the Guide to Streetscape Policy 




Last Updated: 31/01/2017