West Leederville Planning and Urban Design Study

The West Leederville Planning and Urban Design Study concentrates on the area of West Leederville between the Leederville and West Leederville train stations and centres around Cambridge Street.  

The study sought to capitalise on West Leederville's strategic location and to take advantage of:

  • close proximity to central Perth and the Subiaco and Leederville Town centres;
  • good access to the Fremantle and Joondalup train lines, plus multiple bus routes along Cambridge Street;
  • good access to the freeway;
  • development potential in the event of a redeveloped Subiaco Oval; and 
  • an attractive, inner city character.

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West Leederville Study Area - select the image to see a more detailed version


The Town appointed a team with expertise in town planning, urban design, transport planning and the business and property market to carry out the West Leederville Planning and Urban Design Study.

The study was undertaken in two parts and was completed in December 2010.


   Part 1  - Planning Scenarios report

adobe-acrobat-icon.png   Part 2 - Detailed Planning Report


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West Leederville Activity Centre Plan

To support its implementation, the West Leederville Study has been reformatted to form the West Leederville Activity Centre Plan, providing clear direction for future change and growth of the centre.


   West Leederville Activity Centre Plan


Aerial view of proposed transit link to Leederville Train Station

Aerial view of proposed transit link to Leederville Train Station


West Leederville Precinct Policy

The West Leederville Precinct Policy was amended in 2012 to implement the directions under the West Leederville Activity Plan. Plot ratio bonuses were introduced to encourage new developments to incorporate elements of the West Leederville Activity Centre Plan.

Council adopted an amended West Leederville Precinct Policy at its Meeting on 24 February 2015, which primarily introduced Residential Interface Nodes (on the west side of Northwood Street and northern side of Cambridge Street) and development standards for the Nodes, to address building design where located on the boundary of traditional residential areas and the West Leederville Activity Centre. The main changes included removal of plot ratio bonuses; reduced building heights (maximum 4 storeys) and increased boundary setbacks and landscaping requirements.

Policy 6.5 Precinct P5-West Leederville.pdf 


Scheme Amendment 27

At its meeting held on 29 April 2014, Scheme Amendment 27 was subject to final Council adoption.  

The Scheme Amendment introduces, among other things, zoning changes and development controls to accommodate the proposals adopted in the West Leederville Planning and Urban Design Study.

Amendment 27 is currently being sent to the Western Australian Planning Commission for final approval.

Key elements of Amendment 27 that relate to the West Leederville Activity Centre include the introduction of:-

  • Mixed use zoning to allow residential and commercial developments;
  • Residential RAC-0 zoning for the Kerr Street to Abbotsford Street residential node which allows multiple dwellings in this area;
  • A Special Control Area for the area bound by Southport Street, Cambridge Street, Holyrood Street and the south boundary of properties on the south side of Tower Street to enable a more detailed Outline Development Plan to be prepared to guide future development in this area.

The proposed zoning map is available to view below.

pdf.png   Proposed Scheme Map

The Scheme Text incorporating proposed Scheme Amendment 27 is available on the Council Minutes from 24 April 2014. The red text throughout the document highlights changes which are proposed as part of Scheme Amendment 27. This document is not the current Town Planning Scheme and is proposed only.

New Green CAT bus service

The new Transperth Green CAT service has commenced operation, connecting Leederville Station and Esplanade Busport through West Perth

A new bus interchange has been built between Southport and Cambridge Street near Leederville Train Station to service the route with a new staircase from the existing overpass to connect with the train station. For more information on the Green CAT service visit the Transperth website.

The new Green CAT service is also expected to boost the Town's bid to extend the 97 bus service to Leederville train station. Council wants the route 97 bus; currently operating from Subiaco station, via QEII Medical Centre, to the University of Western Australia extended to Leederville station.

Last Updated: 01/05/2015