How your rates are calculated


Rate (cents in the dollar set by the Town) x Valuation (set by the Valuer General) + Yearly fees



The rate in the dollar is calculated to provide the income needed to fund the annual financial budget, after taking into account all other sources of revenue for the Town.

 Gross Rental Value  Rate in the $  Minimum Payment
Residential   0.0601893 $962






 Unimproved Value  Rate in the $  Minimum Payment
Residential              0.0023252 $962






What do the different rate levies mean to me?

  • As an owner of vacant land - The rate for vacant residential land is no different from occupied land.
  • As an owner of endowment land - There are some properties in the Town that fall under the Endowment Lands Act category. The rates for this category have been set to be consistent with previous years.
  • Minimum payment - Minimum payments are set in recognition that every property receives some minimum level of benefit from works and services provided by the Town. The minimum payment for all properties is $962.



Unimproved valuations are assessed each year and are determined by the Valuer General.

Every three years the Valuer General assesses all rateable properties for the purpose of applying Town rates. The last valuation was held in 2014.

The valuation figure or Gross Rental Value (GRV) is determined by the Valuer General to be a fair yearly rental value of the property. The valuation of a property is affected by many factors including the age of the home, the number of bedrooms and the property location.

Any queries or objections relating to the valuation of your property should be directed to Landgate on 9429 8400 or visit their website at


Yearly Fees

Yearly fees are clearly outlined on your Rates Notice and can include:

  • Pool Fence Inspection Fee

            Town Pool Inspectors visit all properties with pools once every four years. They carry identification and will leave 
            a report after each inspection. The current charge for the program is $14.36 per property per year. It is the 
            responsibility of property owners to advise the Town if a pool has been removed from a property. 
            For more information contact 9347 6000.

  • Emergency Services Levy

             The levy is charged to all property owners in Western Australia to fund fire and emergency services in our 
             region. The Town is required to collect this levy on behalf of the Fire and Emergency Services Authority 
             (FESA) which redistributes the money to emergency services throughout the State.


Rates payment options and dates

The Town offers residents three ways to pay their rates:

  • Paying in full within 35 days

            You can opt to pay your rates within 35 days of your rates notice being issued. The benefit of paying your rates in 
            full within 35 days is that you will avoid interest and administration fees. This due date is listed on your rates 

  • Instalment options

            The benefit of paying by instalments is the ability to break your rates payments up into two or four smaller 
            payments over a longer period of time. To be eligible to pay by instalments, the 'amount due' for the first 
            Instalment must be paid by 15 September 2016, as shown on your Rates Notice.

            After the first instalment has been paid, future instalments must be paid by the due dates listed on your rates 
            notice. Any outstanding amounts will be subject to late payment interest of 11 per cent per annum. If any two 
            consecutive instalments remain unpaid, the Town may request payment of the balance in full and take steps 
            to recover the outstanding balance via legal action if necessary.

  • to pay the balance by instalments, the "cost of option" (as shown on your Rate Notice) must also be paid; and
  • to pay by special payment arrangement the special payment arrangement fees will apply in addition to the instalment charges.
  • Special payment arrangements

            If you are unable to pay your rates in full or according to the instalment plans offered by the Town, a special 
            payment arrangement can be set up to take monthly or fortnightly payments (via direct debit only) from your 
            bank account. For special payment arrangements an administration fee of $35 will be charged on each 
            payment arrangement.

            Late payment interest of 11 per cent per annum will apply on any outstanding balance until the account is 
           cleared (excluding fully entitled pensioners /seniors).


Contact us for further information.


Emergency Services Levy

This is your contribution to your fire and emergency services.

All property owners in Western Australia now contribute to the fire and emergency services through the Emergency Services Levy (ESL).

The Emergency Services Levy is included on your local Government rates notice. It is printed as a separate line item, clearly identified as the "Emergency Services Levy".

Local Governments collect the levy on behalf of the Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA). All funds collected are forwarded directly to FESA, which then redistributes the money to the emergency services throughout the State.

The ESL funds approved operating costs and capital equipment purchases of all career and volunteer fire brigades and State Emergency Service units. It also funds volunteer training programs, fire investigations, community safety programs, emergency management planning and FESA's corporate support costs.

Since its inception, the levy has made a positive difference to all career and volunteer fire brigades, volunteer State Emergency Service (SES) units and volunteer emergency units throughout the State, and FESA thanks you for your continuing support.
To ensure each property owner contributes a fair and equitable amount, the State has been divided into five categories so that properties with access to more emergency services contribute more. The Town of Cambridge is in category 1.

The ESL charge for category 1 properties is calculated by multiplying a property's Gross Rental Value (GRV) by a rate in the dollar, which in 2016/17 is $0.012672.

For example, a property with a Gross Rental Value (GRV) of $15,250 for residential properties within the Town of Cambridge would calculate as:

GRV ($15,250) x ESL rate ($0.012672) = ESL payable ($193.24)

However, the maximum amount a property owner will pay for a single residential property, hobby farm or parcel of vacant land is $375, while the maximum amount for a commercial, industrial or miscellaneous property is $213,000.

Pensioners and seniors who qualify for a rebate on their local government rates will be eligible for the same concession on their ESL charge. The ESL will not affect the total rebate limit that pensioners and seniors can claim on rates. The ESL rebate is combined with the Council rates rebate and printed as a combined amount on the rates notice.

To find out more about the ESL visit the FESA website.

Last Updated: 02/08/2016