Trading in Public Places

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What is a Trader's Permit?

A Trader's Permit is issued by Cambridge and gives approval for a person to trade on a public place.

A person is permitted to carry on trading if that person is either:

(a) the holder of a valid trader's permit; or
(b) an assistant specified in a valid trader's permit.

View the policy and local law are available for download below.


   Trading in Public Places


   Local Law

 If you need a trader's permit complete and return a Trader's Permit Application Form.


  Traders Permit Application Form

Street Entertainers

The Town welcomes Street Entertainers. All performers are required to fill out the below form and return it to the Town at 1 Bold Park Drive, Floreat or via email.

Annual fee: $50 (payable upon application)

adobe-acrobat-icon.png  Application for Street Entertainer


Contact us to speak to one of our health officers for any queries regarding street trading or entertaining.

Last Updated: 22/03/2017