Weed Control Program

On display until 08 September 2017, 05:00 PM

Commencing Monday, 14 August 2017, the Town of Cambridge will be treating turf at various sports grounds, parks and road reserves with a herbicide to control broadleaf weeds such as Bindii (Onehunga), Clover and Flatweed.

The herbicide to be used is Jolt Selective Herbicide which contains the active constituents: MCPA, Clopyralid and Diflufenican.

Contractors, licensed by the WA Health Department, have been engaged to carry out the works.  Signs will be placed around the affected areas advising the public not to enter until the herbicide has dried, at which time the signs will be removed.

It's expected the spraying will take three to four weeks to complete, however actual start and completion dates cannot be confirmed due to unpredictable weather conditions at this time of the year.

These works are necessary to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the public who use these areas.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.