Parks 2023/24

Beecroft Park.jpg

With the Town of Cambridge home to more than 50 beautiful parks, gardens, recreation areas and playgrounds, we always strive to keep these natural areas at their best.

In the 2023/24 Budget, the Town has set aside funding to improve and maintain a variety of local spaces.

Parks construction projects include:

- Lake Monger Recreation Club – Construction Stage 1 disability access upgrade $1,050,000

- Lake Monger Reserve South-West Car Park $900,000

Lake Monger swale refurbishment $602,852

- Lake Monger Southwest playground toilets - $320,000

- Bent Park playground replacement $127,000

- Lake Monger Recreation Club green replacement $135,000

- Lake Monger Reserve basketball court $130,000

- Cowden Park renewal $81,742

- Beecroft Park playground replacement $72,000

- Lothian Park barbeque and picnic facility $20,000

Sportsground construction projects:

- City Beach Oval Upper flood light installation $365,000

- City Beach Ovals cricket net replacement $65,000