Get to Know Your 2023 Elections Nominees

Published on 13 September 2023

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At the 2023 Ordinary Local Government Elections, the Town of Cambridge has five vacancies:

  • Town of Cambridge Mayor (4-year term)
  • Coast Ward Councillor – two seats (4 -ear term)
  • Wembley Ward Councillor – two seats (4-year term)

You can read more about each of the candidates for these vacancies here.

Remember, this election you are able to vote in person on 21 October 2023 by applying for a postal vote or voting early at the Town’s Administration Building or the Cambridge Library.

Check out all your voting options here or download an Application for Postal Vote.

If you have any other questions, visit our FAQs, email us at or call (08) 9347 6000.

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