Grants Approved for Cambridge Coastal Projects

Published on 04 July 2024

Coastline - Town of Cambridge.jpg

The Town of Cambridge has secured two significant grant approvals totalling $262,000 to support coastal management initiatives.

Administered by the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, a $62,000 grant through the Coastal Management Plan Assistance Program (CMPAP) will fund the development of the Town’s Foreshore Management Plan.

In addition, the Department of Transport has approved a $200,000 grant for repairs and maintenance of the Floreat Beach groyne and seawalls, specifically targeting masonry wall repairs.

Mayor Gary Mack expressed gratitude for the grant approvals, highlighting their significance for the local community and the environment.

“The funding allocated for the Foreshore Management Plan and the Floreat groyne maintenance is essential for preserving our valued coastline assets,” he said.

“These initiatives will enhance beach safety and environmental sustainability for future generations of Cambridge residents, businesses, and visitors.”

The grants play a pivotal role in assisting coastal land managers and community groups in implementing conservation, education, and adaptation projects, thereby enhancing the resilience of coastal communities to erosion and inundation.

For more information on the CoastWA scheme and a full list of grant recipients, visit