Economic Development

1. Economic Development Strategy

In July 2018, Council adopted the Town of Cambridge Economic Development Strategy (EDS). The EDS has four overarching goals to promote economic development within the Town, by:

  • Providing a high standard of communication and business support;
  • Developing our unique centres to support population growth and attract high quality employment;
  • Managing the activation and our centres and shared public spaces; and
  • Improving transport and connectivity for centres and local businesses.

 A copy of the EDS is available here(PDF, 3MB)

2. Small Business Friendly Local Government Initiative 

As part of the Town’s commitment to supporting small business and our local business community the Town has recently signed the Small Business Friendly Local Government Charter, which is an initiative by the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC). 

The Charter outlines what the Town agrees to do to support small business.

Signed Small Business Friendly Local Government Charter(PDF, 1MB)




The Town is demonstrating this commitment by:

  • The recent appointment of a dedicated Place Development Officer to work with businesses.
  • Providing a single point of contact at the Town for businesses
  • Developing a business contact database to improve business engagement – businesses can register their details here.

 The SBDC offer a wide range of support for small businesses:

  • Workshops: Regular practical small business workshops, including a number held at The Boulevard Centre in Floreat.

Small Business Friendly Approvals Program

In mid-2021, the Town of Cambridge was selected to participate in the State Government-funded Small Business Friendly Approvals Program (SBFAP), run by the SBDC. As part of this program, an internal working group was formed across several service areas within the Town's Administration. This working group collaborated to formulate an Action Plan designed to make it easier for small businesses to start, operate and grow a business in the Town. 

View the Action Plan(PDF, 12MB)

The Action Plan was presented to Council in December 2021 and the working group have already progressed several initiatives that will streamline the process of obtaining approvals, permits and licenses. 

3. Express Determination Service

The Town trialled a fast-tracked business approval process during April-October 2020 as part of the Town's Relief and Recovery Plan.

The 'Express Determination Service' for change of use development applications was introduced to assist businesses make a speedy recovery from the pandemic restrictions and support the creation of jobs.

 The service involved streamlining internal referrals and consultation requirements for low impact proposals.
The turnaround time for applications was reduced from 44 to 19 days, allowing businesses to set up their operations much quicker than usual.
In November 2020, Council approved for the Express Determination Service to continue as a permanent service to the Town’s business community.

More information can be found in the minutes of the 24 November 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting which can be found here or by emailing