New National Standards for Food Businesses

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Food Business Announcement

New National Standards from 8 December 2023

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) has introduced a new standard (3.2.2A) to improve food safety within the Australian food business sector. 

It is now mandatory for most food businesses to nominate an appropriately trained Food Safety Supervisor by December this year.  Please complete the form (found in the link below) and return it to:

Food businesses that make, serve, handle or sell unpackaged ready to eat potentially hazardous foods (regardless if the business doesn't make them) must ensure they implement the new food safety management tools by Friday, 8 December 2023.

New food safety management tools include

  1. Appointing a food safety supervisor who has undertaken a relevant registered training course.
  2. Food handler training or demonstrate necessary skills and knowledge in safe food handling
  3. Showing food is safe through several food safety controls and record keeping. 

To understand if your business qualifies to undertake the new measures and to be able to effectively meet the new requirements, please refer to the supporting resources provided by the WA Department of Health below. 

If you are an existing food business, please click the button below to submit your food safety supervisor details.

Provide your food safety supervisor details here

Infographic  - Download or print it here.

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Fact Sheet - Download or print it here.


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Guidelines document - Download or print it here.

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