Local Business Directory

Now is the time to get behind our small businesses and buy local first.

The Town of Cambridge is home to a wide range of businesses, this real-time local business directory exists to let everyone know what businesses are open in the Town to enable residents to support their local business community. 

If your business is not listed and you would like to be included, please let us know by completing the online form below:

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 Want to support your local on social media?

 Download our Locals First Instagram story template(PDF, 5MB) or screenshot the image on this page and add it to your story  tagging your favourite local businesses.

 The directory below will be updated regularly, however we suggest you keep updated with each business via their website and  social media pages.

Local Business Directory

For the latest information regarding COVID-19 and the Town of Cambridge, including small business updates, visit www.cambridge.wa.gov.au/covid-19

Why support local?

Local businesses improve our suburbs

Local businesses provide amenity within our suburbs, making them more attractive, liveable and reducing our need to travel.

Local businesses provide employment opportunities close to home for many people

Cambridge retail, hospitality and service businesses often employ a large number of locals as their staff. Many of these businesses provide the first ‘real’ jobs for our children.


Our range of independent businesses are amazing places to pick up unique and interesting products that cannot be found at larger chains.  

Environmentally friendly

Shopping local reduces our carbon footprint through less travel and packaging. Local businesses often allow us to take our reusable bags, cups and containers.

Local business cater for Locals

Local businesses are more likely to offer products and services that locals want and have an understanding of their needs. Where something is not available your local business is more likely to be able to help you out.