Birkdale Park Renewal

  • Project typePark Renewal
  • Project scheduleConsultation and Design: November 2023 to June 2024
Birkdale Park - Final Concept.PNG

This project involves the community consultation and concept design for the upgrade of Birkdale Park, Floreat.

Located between the Boulevard and Birkdale Street, Floreat. A considerable amount of the park is taken up by Floreat Park Tennis Club, and Floreat Park Primary School Kindergarten Campus. Due to these facilities, the park is segregated into three small open spaces with most of the amenity existing in the southwest corner.

The parks assets are ageing and a new barbeque, new furniture and playground are required. An opportunity exists to link the park and playground to the improved Cambridge/Birkdale precinct and improve this community and business interface.

There is also a potential for improved visual amenity through artwork on the Tennis Club "hit up" wall and continuation of gardens along Boulevard verge from the Rose Garden precinct.

Progress Updates

The initial stage of consultation involved a park use and values survey, which provided valuable information for the Town to complete a preliminary concept plan and develop a consultation focus group. The second phase of consultation involved the focus group participating on a feedback survey on the preliminary concept plan.

Outcomes of this survey have been analysed and evaluated, with the below amendments made for the final concept plan See below;

  1. North Node to be partially fenced with openings with a fully fenced option to be considered in the future
  2. No exercise equipment at the North Node
  3. Drink fountains at North and South Node
  4. South Node to be fully fenced with gate access
  5. Playground upgrade to be catered towards ages 0-6 with a mix of traditional and natureplay equipment
  6. Both shade sails and shade trees to be implemented
  7. Barbecue to be removed

All other elements from the preliminary concept have remained on the final concept and funding will be sought for these upgrades in the 2024-2025 financial year.

The Town is now seeking feedback from the wider community, if you would like to have your say on the Birkdale Park Final Concept, please participate in the Final Concept Feedback Survey. Outcomes from this survey will assist us in preparing the detailed design and requesting funding for the construction phase of the project. The survey will remain open until 26 April 2024.

Further consultation will be undertaken on the Park’s detailed design once funding has been confirmed.

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Birkdale Park - Final Concept.PNG

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