City Beach Upper Oval Sports Floodlighting

  • Project typeSports Upgrades
  • Project schedule30 April 2024
City Beach Oval.jpg

Installing sports lighting will allow more opportunities for the venue to be used by casual and seasonal hirers. In particular, providing increased training and competition opportunities for junior and senior football. Junior cricket will also benefit, with the option to host Stage 1 junior cricket fixtures under lights.

The Town will receive 33 per cent grant funding from Department of Local Government, Sport and Culture Industries (DLGSC), including project design, engineering, supply, and installing the sports lighting system. The floodlights will be to Australian Standards AS4282, applying this standard means little to no light spills outside of the immediate playing area, this will reduce potential impact of the new lights, on residents. To maintain compliance with the Town's policy, the lights will be programmed to turn off automatically at 9pm

Progress Updates

The installation of the floodlights have now been completed and the sports clubs have access to use them when required. 

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