Grantham Street Multi-intersection Blackspot Treatment

  • Project typeRoad Safety Improvements
  • Project scheduleJanuary 2024 to May 2024

Background Details

The intersection of Jersey Street and Grantham Street has expereinced 31 reported crash over the past five years. To address these safety concerns the Town has investigated the best long term solution to improve safety at this intersection.

The Town, in consultation with Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA), has explored effective treatments to improve safety, while limiting impacts on adjacent intersections. This included a roundabout, traffic signals, and various turning movement restrictions. The feasibility of each was considered, which resulted in a Blackspot funding application for a multi-intersection treatment for the 2023/24 financial year. 

Blackspot funding is provided by State and Federal governments to make safety improvements at high-risk roads. The Jersey St and Grantham St intersection met the funding eligibility criteria due to the high number of vehicle crashes over the past five years. 

More information is included in this Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 315KB) info sheet.

Project Update

The construction of the Grantham Multi-Intersection Blackspot project is complete, inclusive of the installation of permanent signage, line marking and the Road Safety Audit.  

The Town is committed to the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the Grantham St multi-intersection treatment with A project has been listed for consideration in 2024/25 draft budget for a detailed evaluation and performance of the multi-intersection treatment.  

The evaluation process will seek feedback from the community on the treatments and to gather vital local knowledge on driver behaviours within the surrounding streets. This information, along with traffic data, independent expert advice. will determine how the treatments are performing and inform recommendations for improvements.  This project is scheduled for the second half of 2024. 

Related Projects

Several recently completed road network improvement projects have identified areas of interest for further invesitgation that overlap one another. These investigations will address known issues which have been raised by the community over the years. The various studies have been collated to ensure a holistic approach to identify oppotutnites for improvements across the wider network.

 The scope of this review includes the following;

  • Grantham Street Multi Intersection 12-month evaluation and review

  • Grantham Street Speed Zoning review

  • Harborne Street signalised intersection(s) and impacts relating to finding from SAS Road Safety Audit review

  • Cambridge Street/ Station Street – Traffic Study (Blackspot Review)

Community Forum Sessions

Thank you to everyone who took part in the ‘Grantham & Jersey Street Intersection Road Treatment community forums held on 6 and 14 June 2023.

A report has been prepared by the forum facilitators Aha! Consulting on the outcome of the forums. Read the report here.(PDF, 763KB)

A total of 117 people from the community attended the two forums, which included:

  • Project history and background
  • Crash statistics
  • Findings and results from the community consultation survey conducted between January to April 2023
  • Potential intersection treatment options
  • Funding availability through the blackspot program
  • An Interactive workshop for the community to provide feedback on intersection treatment options.

We again thank everyone for their valuable contribution to the improvement of road safety in the Town of Cambridge.

July Ordinary Meeting of Council

 At the 25 July Ordinary Council Meeting (Item 11.9) was considered with the Council Decision as follows

That Council:-

1. RECEIVES the Community Forums Report as shown in Attachment 1;

2. NOTES the outcome of the Special Electors Meeting in relation to Jersey Grantham Street intersection;

3. NOTES the petition received from Tania Nicolo from Monsterella Pizza requesting a permanent treatment that does not include traffic lights;

4. NOTES the petition received from Steve Godden (Simper Street) that supports the installation of traffic lights at the intersection;

5. NOTES the petitions received of 109 signatures received from Bethany Brajkovich of McKenzie Street Wembley to request that the Town of Cambridge works with Main Roads Department to install lights at the intersection of Jersey Street and Grantham Street to prevent more accidents at this intersection;

6. NOTES the petitions received of 43 signatures received from Evita Soldo of Holland Street Wembley requesting a centralised, logical, controlled place for traffic to cross east-west across Grantham Street, between Selby St and Harborne St;

7. INSTRUCTS the CEO to undertake improvements to sightlines at the intersections of Grantham Street between Harborne and Selby Street;

a. progression of the multi-intersection treatment to detailed design and construction in the 2023/2024 Financial year;
b. the continuation of the multi-intersection treatment trail at Jersey and Pangbourne at Grantham Streets until construction commences;
c. an amount of $30,000 to be included for consideration in the 2024/2025 Draft Budget for a detailed traffic study to evaluate the performance of the Blackspot intersection treatment;

9. APPROVES an additional allocation of $120,000 from the Area Improvement Reserve to create a new project to investigate methods for lowering the speed zones, within the local area bounded by Selby Street, Herdsman Parade, Cambridge Street and Harborne Street, and to include the investigation of the installation of traffic signals;

10. INVESTIGATES other traffic treatments such as a roundabout and an integrated traffic management study from Southport St to Selby St; and

11. NOTES the development of a Movement Network Strategy to incorporate the longterm vision for the Town.

The entire report can be read following the link provided here.

Blackspot Multi Intersection Treatments


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