Laneway Upgrades and Greening

  • Project scheduleJuly 2023 to May 2024

The upgrading and ‘greening’ of laneways involves several sustainability initiatives including recycled construction materials, waterwise plants, a sustainable drainage system and cooling red asphalt.

At the Town of Cambridge Ordinary Council Meeting held on 27 September 2022, the Administration provided Council with information on alternative treatments for upgrading laneways in Wembley, by considering planting of trees and vegetation with a centralised bitumen surface.

Council approved the allocation of $530,000 from the Area Improvement Reserves fund for the upgrade of Yates Lane, Lund Lane, O’Hara Lane, Spear Lane, and Rogers Lane in the 2023/24 Budget. A copy of the report (CR22.82) can be found here.



Scope Details

The works will involve:

  • Tree and vegetation planting;
  • Excavation of the existing laneway to a depth of 300mm;
  • Installation of a new road pavement with a red asphalt overlay;
  • Upgrade of nominated crossovers;
  • Supply and installation of new drainage infrastructure (soakwells) and associated drainage works; and
  • Supply and installation of concrete kerbing.

Current Status

The road base construction, drainage installation, kerbing along fence line and around garden beds, final layer of red asphalt and new concrete crossovers at the approaches of the laneways are now complete. The newly constructed laneways are now open for residents to access from their properties. 

Trees and vegetation planting to the garden bed in the laneways have also been completed.