Road Resurfacing Program | 2023-24

  • Project typeRoad Rehabilitation Program
  • Project scheduleNovember 2023 to April 2024

The Town of Cambridge manages a total of 190 kilometres of sealed roads and lanes (ROWs). 

The resurfacing program is initially based on the surface age of each section of pavement. In general, the resurfacing is initially scheduled at the following base intervals:

  • Lanes every 35 years
  • Access Roads every 30 years,
  • Local Distributor Roads every 25 years
  • District Distributor B Roads every 20 years
  • District Distributor A Roads every 15 years.

This scheduling is then adjusted for each section of road, depending on it's condition such as the extent of rutting, cracking and surface repairs required.

The total length of  Access Roads and Local Distributor roads is 144km, with an average of 4.35km aimed for resurfacing. In practice, local access roads have required resurfacing at a seal age between 25 and 35 years. Sections of road that are close in proximity are often resurfaced concurrently.

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2023 to 2024 Program

All projects - Preliminary Works: 21 November 2023 to 1 December 2023

  • These works identify the locations of underground services such as gas, water, power and communications.

Berkeley Cr (Kirkdale to Cul-De-Sac)

  • Works Completed 

Caithness Rd (Glamis to West Lorne)

  • Works Completed  

St Leonards Av (Clune to Ruislip)

  • Works Completed

Hornsey Rd (Cambridge to Cul-De-Sac)

  • Works Completed - Remedial Kerb Works required

Orrel Av (Hornsey to Birkdale)

  • Works Completed - Remedial Kerb Works required

Linden Gardens

  • Works Completed - Remedial Kerb Works required

Shannon St (Lifford to Glengariff)

  • Completed - Remedial kerb work required

Kirkdale Av (Peebles to Kintyre)

  • Completed - Remedial kerb work required

The roots of a large eucalyptus tree at 70 Kirkdale Avenue was lifting the concrete footpath and creating a potential tripping hazard. Whilst undertaking the 2023/2024 Road Resurfacing program a section of the footpath at Kirkdale Avenue was realigned away from the tree. The footpath works will improve the trees health, reduce maintenance costs and eliminate the potential of a tripping hazard.



Next Stage

Resurfacing of Shannon Street.

What to Expect During The Works

Local residents will be notified of the works one-to-two weeks prior to commencement. Due to the nature of the work, it is expected that sections of the road will be left unsealed and open to traffic periodically, this will increase dust and noise in the immediate work area. It is an unavoidable consequence of the nature of this work. Measures will be in place to minimise the impact. Speed reductions and detours will be in place for the duration of the works.

Road Closures and Detours

Notifications of road closures, including times will be added to this page once the work schedule is confirmed. General resurfacing works will be completed within two to three days.

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