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Support local businesses, organisations and community groups.

The Cambridge Community Directory is your online directory of locally based (located in the Town of Cambridge or border organisations, groups and services, as well as local businesses and facilities.

The information in the Cambridge Community Directory is user generated and can be updated at anytime by the owner of the listing.

Listing tips

Not sure which section to place your listing?

Some organisation may provide a community service and have a retail outlet as well.  In this instance, we suggest a listing for the service in the community directory and a separate listing for the retail shop in the business directory. 

What email should I use when registering a listing?

We suggest using a group email or mailbox when registering.  This avoids having to transfer editing and ownership rights if the person that registered your listing leaves or organisation.

What content can I add?

All contact information should only be entered into the fields provided.  Please refrain from listing any phone numbers, emails and websites in the body of the listing.

The Town of Cambridge approves all listings prior to publication on the website and the Town's discretionary decision is final.  

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