Cambridge Seniors Services

Up until 30 June 2018 Cambridge Senior Services provided Home and Community Care (HACC) services to over 200 care recipients.  This included a range of support services to assist older community members to live well at home.

Commencing Monday 2 July 2018, Rise will continue to provide these services under the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP). Rise has over 35 years experience supporting people in Perth and surrounding areas to maintain their independence and to "live a good life".

All Rise CHSP services will continue to be provided from the Wembley Community Centre which will remain as a hub for senior services.

From Monday 2 July 2018, all telephone enquiries regarding HACC or CHSP services should be directed to RISE at Wembley Community Centre on 6274 3624.

For information about other Town of Cambridge Senior Services please call Diana Allen or Jessika Wallis at Wembley Community Centre on 9285 3136.

For general information on how to access WA Community Care Services through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) visit the HACC website.

Cambridge Coffee Club for Seniors

Have you recently moved to the Town of Cambridge or would like to meet new people in your local community? Join us for a cuppa at the Cambridge Coffee Club for seniors.

The club meets every fortnight at various locations around the Town of Cambridge. To register your details or for more information contact Jess Wallis on 9285 3136 or email:

Positive Ageing

Organisations supporting positive ageing
Seniors Recreation Council
The peak body for organisations supporting seniors' involvement in sport and recreation, the Seniors Recreation Council is constantly reviewing its strategies to increase the participation of seniors in sport, recreation and associated physical and mental activity.

(08) 9492 9773

Visit website

The peak national organisation representing the rights, needs and interests of older Australians.  COTA Australia is the national policy and advocacy arm of the COTA Federation which comprises COTAs in each State and Territory. COTA Australia focuses on policy issues from the perspective of older people as citizens and consumers.

(08) 9472 0104

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Advocare Incorporated
An independent, community based, not for profit organisation that supports and protects the rights of older people and people with disabilities. 

(08) 9479 7566

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