The WayFairer Project

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The Town of Cambridge, in partnership with Inclusion Solutions, is undertaking an exciting pilot project to maximise the benefits of volunteering or 'gifting time'.

The WayFairer Project is about using the knowledge and skills of older adults (WayFairers) aged 50 - 70 who live in the Town of Cambridge to help strengthen local community groups, schools and clubs.

The aim is to provide meaningful volunteering experiences for seniors who are looking for a valued role so as to build local social capital and create a stronger community.

For a volunteering role to be rewarding, it needs to match the skills and interests of the volunteer, provide an opportunity to 'belong' or 'contribute meaningfully', and be valued by the organisation. Both the person gifting their time and talents, and the community organisation, benefit.

Step 1 - Community Gap Analysis

A Gap analysis will be completed with local Cambridge clubs, schools and community groups to identify what help they need to strengthen their organisation.

Step 2 - Expressions of Interest from Cambridge residents aged 50 - 70 years

(WayFairers) Interested senior residents aged between 50 and 70 years are invited to complete an Expression of Interest form to provide some information about their employment history, their hobbies and interests, their availability and why they want to get involved.

Step 3 - Selection and Profiling of WayFairers

Fifteen (15) WayFairers will be selected to participate in the project and a profile created for each individual.

Step 4 - Matching WayFairers with Community Groups

By matching Wayfairers with the right community groups, WayFairers can use their knowledge in a meaningful capacity and help the community by gifting their time.

More Information

For more information about this ground breaking project contact Adam Nankin at Inclusion Solutions:

Ph: 9443 7226

Mob: 0413 420 499