Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention Checklist
  • Clear vegetation / rubbish from the perimeter of your home and from fence boundaries
  • Relocate combustible material stored close to a house
  • Ensure your home has smoke detectors installed and that they are tested regularly.
  • Clear leaves from gutters
  • Check trees are not hanging over power lines. If they are, seek advice from Western Power on 13 13 51.
  • Prevent a build-up of combustible material on your property

Prepare, Act and Survive. 

More information

Please visit the Local Laws section of our website for more legislation information. 

The Town's Local Government and Public Property Law 2016 specifically outlines fire related offences in public areas. Some common offences that can incur a penalty are:

  • Lighting a fire on local Government property
  • Lighting or setting off any fireworks or conducting a firework display

The Town of Cambridge has installed electric barbeques at popular locations within the Town and visitors are not permitted to bring wood fuelled cooking appliances to any local government areas.

For more information please contact a Fire Control Officer at the Town of Cambridge on (08) 9347 6000 or visit the Department of Fire and Emergency Services website.