130-132 Brookdale Street, Floreat

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  • Application numberDA20/0097
  • ProposalChild Day Care Centre - Modification to Condition 5 Wording (Median Strip Extension) of Child Care Centre [JDAP]

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On 6 February 2020, the Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) resolved to approve a Child Care Centre at the abovementioned address.

Since then, the Town has received a subsequent development application, which seeks to modify the wording of Condition 5 of the 6 February 2020 approval.  Condition 5 was imposed on this approval to ensure only left-in/left-out traffic movements could occur for the service road that provides access to the site. 

Condition 5 currently reads:

Prior to commencement of use, the existing raised island median strip within the Brookdale Street road reserve which adjoins the service road entrance shall be extended north within the existing line marked median strip (as shown on Figure 1, ‘Recommended Access Plan’ of the Consolidated Traffic Report (prepared by Uloth and Associates and dated 15 November 2019)) to physically restrict vehicle movements from the service road to a left-in/left-out only configuration at the landowner(s) full cost (including all traffic management costs) to the satisfaction of the Town”.

The applicant is proposing to have Condition 5 replaced with the following

“5A    Prior to commencement of use, the landowner shall pay the Town the cost of extending the existing raised median strip within the Brookdale Street road reserve which adjoins the service road entrance as shown on Figure 1, “recommended Access Plan” of the Uloth & Associates Consolidated Traffic Report dated 15 November 2019 (the median strip extension).

5B     Within 28 days of receipt of request from the landowner, the Town of Cambridge shall provide the cost of constructing the median strip extension (the cost) and any dispute as to the reasonableness of the cost may be referred by either party to arbitration by an expert engineer appointed upon the request of either the Town or the landowner, by the President of Engineers Australia, at the joint cost of the Town of Cambridge and the landowner, whose decision shall be final and binding on the parties”.

There are no modifications proposed to any of the plans associated with the 6 February 2020 JDAP approval. 

To assist the Town in determining this application, you are invited to view the details of the proposal and provide comments.

A copy of the information and the associated documentation can be located through the links on the top right of this page.

Comments can be provided:

  • By email at mail@cambridge.wa.gov.au; or
  • By mail at Town of Cambridge, 1 Bold Park Drive, Floreat WA 6014.

Submissions are to be provided by 5pm Tuesday, 2 June 2020.

If you have any queries in relation this matter, or would like to arrange an appointment to view the plans, please contact the Town on 9347 6000.