240-242, 246-250 Railway Parade and 2 Rossyln Street, W Leederville

Was on display until 17 May 2019, 05:00 PM

  • Application numberDA19/0058
  • ProposalMixed Use Commercial And Residential (8 And 10 Storey) Development

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The Town has received an application for development approval for a mixed use development comprising of commercial and residential uses contained in one 8 storey and one 10 storey building at the above-mentioned property.

 Details of the application include the following:

  • One building of 10 storeys comprising:
    • –Ground floor restaurant tenancies;
    • –First floor office tenancy;
    • –43 residential apartments (2 and 3 bedrooms);
    • –Communal roof top area.
  • One building of 8 storeys comprising:
    • –Ground floor retail and restaurant tenancies;
    • –First floor office tenancies;
    • –36 studio residential apartments (single bed);
    • –Communal rooftop area.
  • Basement parking for 114 cars; and
  • Ground floor plaza area including a vertical children's playground.

The application is being advertised for the following reasons:


Planning Framework



Policy 6.5 - Precinct P5: West Leederville

Plot Ratio

Base Plot Ratio:1:1

Plot Ratio Bonus: 2.5:1

Total Plot Ratio: 3.5:1

Plot Ratio: 4.38:1


Building Height

Maximum height at frontage and adjoining ROW - 3 Storeys (additional building height to be setback further)

Railway Parade: 8 storeys

Rosslyn Street: 10 storeys


Maximum building height - 6 storeys

Tower 1: 10 storeys

Tower 2: 8 storeys

Street Setback

Ground - 3rd floor: Nil

Railway Parade:

Ground & 2nd floor: 2.3m


4th -8th floor: 3.0m

Railway Parade:

2.1m to building, Nil to balconies

Rosslyn Street: Nil


9th - 10th floor: 6.0m

Rosslyn Street: Nil

Lot boundary setback

Northern and Eastern lot boundaries:

1st - 3rd storeys: Nil

4th - 6th storeys: 3.0m

7th - 10th storeys: 5.0m

Northern (Tower 1):

4th - 10th storeys: 2.5m - 3.2m


Eastern (Tower 2):

4th - roof deck: Nil - 1.8m

Building separation on same lot

(Policy 6.5, R-Codes 6.1.4)

4th - 6th storeys: 6.0m

7th - 9th storeys: 10.0m

10th - Roof deck: 5.0m

4th - 9th storeys: 4.0m - 4.7m

10th - roof deck: 2.0m - 2.35m

Residential Design Codes - Part 6 (Multiple Dwellings)

6.2.1 Street Surveillance

Street elevation of dwelling:

To address the street with clearly definable entry points visible and accessed from the street.

Tower 2:

Entrance from internal pedestrian plaza.

6.3.1 Outdoor Living Areas

Balcony or equivalent for each unit:

Minimum area - 10m2


Tower 2:

6 apartments have a minimum area 8.5m2


Minimum dimension - 2.4m

Tower 2:

24 apartments have minimum dimension 2.2m

6.3.3 Car Parking

Less than 110m2 and/or 1 or 2 bedrooms: 1 bay/dwelling (61 bays)

Total residential car bays provided: 71 bays (shortfall of 11 bays)


110m2 or greater and/or 3 bedrooms: 1.25 bays/dwelling (21 bays)



Visitors: 0.25 bays/dwelling (20 bays)

19 visitor bays provided (shortfall of 1 bay)

6.3.5 Vehicular Access

Driveway location:

Minimum 0.5m from side boundary or street pole.

Nil setback from northern boundary to driveway entrance off Rosslyn Street.

6.4.1 Visual Privacy

Major openings to bedrooms and studies: 3.0m

Major openings to habitable rooms other than bedrooms and studies: 4.5m

Unenclosed outdoor active habitable spaces: 6.0m

Northern boundary:

Various levels: bedrooms, living areas and balconies setback:

Nil - 3.2m

Eastern boundary:

Various levels: balconies setback: Nil – 1.8m

6.4.6 Utilities & Facilities

Enclosed lockable storage area:

Minimum dimension 1.5m, with an internal area of at least 4m2 for each dwelling.

Tower 1:

3m2 and 4m2 accessible from within dwelling.

Tower 2:

24 of 36 dwellings have no private storage area. Access is provided to communal storage areas.


Clothes drying facilities:

Screened from view of the street.

Tower 2:

Communal drying area on roof top which will be in view of residents in Tower 1.


The Town can consider applications that do not meet the deemed-to-comply provisions where the proposal satisfies the relevant design principles. 

To assist the Town in considering this application, you are invited to view the plans and focus your comments to the particular design principles under Part 6 the R-Codes that the deemed-to-comply provision (outlined above) is addressing.  The R-Codes document can be found at the following website https://www.dplh.wa.gov.au/rcodes.

In addition to the above assessment, the application will also to be considered in accordance with the new State Planning Policy 7.3: Residential Design Codes Volume 2 – Apartments (Apartment DC), which will replace the content of Part 6 of the R-Codes for apartments (multiple dwellings) on 24 May 2019.

The new Apartment DC is a performance-based policy which requires applications for development approval to demonstrate that the design achieves the objectives for each design element.  There is no deemed-to-comply pathway under the new Apartment DC as the proposal will be assessed in context of the entire design solution to ensure the objectives are achieved. 

It should be noted that some areas of the proposal that have not met the above listed deemed-to-comply provisions of the current R-Codes, may meet the objectives of the relevant design element under the new Apartment DC.

You are invited to provide comments in regards to the new Apartment DC.  In order to focus your comments, you are directed to Appendix 6 – Objectives Summary of the Apartment DC.  A copy of the Apartment DC can be found at the following website https://www.dplh.wa.gov.au/designwa.

Plans of the proposed development and associated documentation can be located through the links on the top right of this page. Alternatively, a hardcopy of this information can be viewed at the Town's Administration Centre, 1 Bold Park Drive, Floreat during normal operating hours.

Comments can be provided:

Submissions are to be provided by 5:00pm on 17 May 2019.

If you have any queries in relation this matter, or would like to arrange an appointment to view the plans, please contact the Town on 9347 6000.