5 Clovelly Road, City Beach

Was on display until 13 July 2020, 05:00 PM

  • Application numberDA20/0155
  • ProposalTwo Storey Dwelling

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The Town has received an application for a two-storey dwelling at the above-mentioned property.

The application is being advertised for the following reasons: 

Local Planning Scheme No. 1 Secondary Street Setback Area – City Beach:

  • A proposed planter box (fill) with a maximum height of 0.7m as measured above natural ground level within the secondary street setback area (Belford Road). 

Residential Design Codes:

  • A proposed ground floor south side lot boundary setback for the kitchen-ante wall at 3m.
  • A proposed ground floor west rear lot boundary setback for the entertainment-arts room at 4.417m.
  • A visual privacy setback of 5m from the entertainment window on the rear west and north secondary street elevations.
  • Proposed fill of a maximum height of 0.714m above natural ground level within 1m of the rear west and side south lot boundaries.  It is noted the proposed fill level it to match the existing top of wall retaining wall levels on site. 
  • A proposed maximum building height of 7.17m as measured from natural ground level as shown on the elevation plan.  

Local Planning Policy 3.1 - Streetscape

  • A proposed solid wall to screen rubbish bins with a maximum width of 2.518m within the primary street setback area.

The Town can consider and approve applications that do not meet the deemed-to-comply provisions where the proposed development satisfies certain design principles.

To assist the Town in determining this application, you are invited to view the plans and comment on the parts of the development that do not meet the deemed-to-comply provisions and/or the proposed use.

A copy of the plans can be located through the links on the top right of this page. Alternatively, a hardcopy of this information can be viewed at the Town's Administration Centre, 1 Bold Park Drive, Floreat during office hours.

Comments can be provided:

  • By email at mail@cambridge.wa.gov.au; or
  • By mail at Town of Cambridge, 1 Bold Park Drive, Floreat WA 6014.

 Submissions are to be provided by 5pm on 13 July 2020

If you have any queries in relation this matter, or would like to arrange an appointment to view the plans, please contact the Town on 9347 6000.