DAP Applications under Assessment


Development Applications being assessed by the Development Assessment Panel 

DAP Ref: DAP/18/01384

Property Location: Lot 2 (No. 130) and Lot 3 (No. 132) Brookdale Street, Floreat

Details: Child Day Care Centre - Modification to Condition 5 Wording (Median Strip Extension) of Child Care Centre

Meeting date and time: 15 July 2020; 9.00am

Meeting location:  Zoom Meeting

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DAP Ref: DAP/20/01799

Property Location: Lot 29 (No.7) Allison Drive and Lot 31 (No.185) Salvado Road, Jolimont

Details: Nursing Home

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DAP Ref: DAP/19/01684 

Property Location: Lot 30 (No. 187) Salvado Road, Jolimont

Details: 17 Grouped Dwellings

Meeting date and time: 11 May 2020; 2:00pm

Meeting location: Zoom Meeting

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