Arts Advisors

  • Project typeApplications open for Appointment to Local Artists Panel
  • Project scheduleTwo-year term with annual review
  • Completion Date19 May 2022

Expressions are invited for the Local Artist Advisory Panel based on the proposed terms of appointment below, subject to Council approval.

The Town's new Local Artist Advisory Panel will provide independent, expert advice to the Town of Cambridge Administration and Public Art Committee on arts proposals, projects, and arts-related policies and strategies.

The Role

Professional artists who live or work in the Town of Cambridge are eligible for appointment to the panel.

Appointment to the panel will be for a two-year period with an annual review.

Panel members will be called upon to provide advice on an ad-hoc basis for duties, including:

  1. Attendance to committee and panel meetings, forums and workshops as required by the Town;
  2. To review proposals prior to a meeting;
  3. For written advice, as requested by the Town.


On appointment, panel members will qualify for a complimentary Artsource Professional Max Membership for the duration of their appointment.

Panel members will be engaged to provide expert advice as contractors of the Town and paid at a rate at least consistent with the schedule of fees cited in the National Association of Visual Arts Code of Practice.

All panel members shall be paid as per their established hourly rate:

  1. Sitting fees;
  2. 30 minutes travel time per sitting;
  3. For written advice, and time to review material as requested by the Town, based on the duration spent preparing the advice up to a pre-agreed maximum.

Conflicts of Interest

Local Artist Advisors shall be required to observe the highest standards of ethics and integrity. 

Appointment to the panel will not necessarily preclude the artist from applying to future commissions.  However, any actual or perceived conflicts of interest are to be identified, disclosed and appropriately managed in a timely manner.

This must be done on application to the panel as well as in relation to any project, development or policy that the appointee is requested to provide advice on during their term.


Applicants will be notified of outcomes by 30 June 2023 at the latest. Two appointments may be made, however the Town reserves the right to appoint more or less members depending on need and the applications received.

The selection panel will also consider the applicant's standing in the professional community and likely capacity to participate as a member of the panel without conflict of interest.
The selection process shall be transparent, free from bias and fully documented in accordance with the State Records Act 2000, applicable policies and audit requirements.

How to apply

Expressions of interest should be sent by email in the first instance and addressed to Place Development Officer Lauren Resnick at by 3pm 19 May 2023
Emails should include a cover letter of 500 words maximum addressing the following eligibility and selection criteria:

  1. Either holds a Bachelor Degree or Diploma in visual arts or similar field or who is undertaking studies towards these qualifications;
  2. Earns more than 50% of their income from arts-related activities such as teaching art and selling their own artwork;
  3. Has a track record of producing, project managing or consulting on public art and/or community art projects; AND
  4. Is a resident, ratepayer, or owns/operates a business within the Town of Cambridge;
  5. Applicant’s demonstrated experience and knowledge in contemporary Western Australian artwork;
  6. Highlight any specialist areas of expertise and cultural knowledge.


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