Screening and Voting

The winner of the 2020 Cambridge Short Film Festival is Isaac and Austen Oh for their film 'Before and After Covid-19'.

View the entries below.

Voting closed 5.00pm AWST, Monday 30 November 2020.

A Solo Sport

By Bailey Pickford


About this film

My movie 'A Solo Sport' shows how I maintained fitness and mental wellbeing throughout COVID-19.

Being able to ride with one person was very beneficial and really helped to strengthen our relationships.

Lockdown was a good time to get fit for the upcoming race season but I had to work hard as I knew my competitors were doing the same.

My movie is made up of two halves, one during lockdown with my one friend and the second after restrictions eased and was allowed to travel riding the untouched trails around WA.



Before and After Covid

By Isaac Oh

About this film

This film is a shortened point of view (POV) of an average student in Perth and shows a brief view of our day to day lives.

It explores the way the pandemic (Covid-19) is affected it.

Such as quarantine, having to use the video conferencing software apps such as Zoom and Skype, the toilet paper crisis we've had at groceries stores around Australia, having to increase our cautiousness of germs by wearing masks and using hand sanitizer to limit the spread of the virus.

This film was filmed using a GoPro Hero 2018 and an iPhone 11, due to the difference in frame resolution, we were not able to edit it to the same size in Premiere Pro.




 By Etienne Pontre-Gibson and Jasper Lindsay

About this film

This is a music video based on Covid-19. The lyrics are based around and edited from the song "Shaving Cream".



The Time I Spent Alone

By Aisling O'Farrell

About this film

This short film explores the process of regenerating and exploration of oneself.

I used my personal reflections and other's perspectives in order to accurately depict someone's journey of discovering themselves and finally being comfortable alone.

I took the approach that Covid-19 has regenerated us and made us more confident and stronger out of the other side.



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