Parking fines and appeals

1. Overview

Parking spaces in the Town of Cambridge are limited and parking restrictions are in place to ensure all residents and visitors have equal access to parking.

No one wants to receive a parking infringement and in many cases the fine can be avoided. It is your responsibility as the driver to read and comply with parking signs in the Town.

If you have received a parking infringement you have a number of options to which you must take action on before the due date on the infringement. 

2. How to view and pay a parking infringement

You can select how you wish to pay a parking infringement.

View Your Infringement

Infringement payment methods

3. How to appeal a parking infringement

Ways you can appeal an infringement 
Online Appeal Infringement 
In person  Town of Cambridge Administration
1 Bold Park Drive, Floreat 6014

Infringement appeals will not be accepted over the phone.

Details you must include with your appeal:

  • Infringement number
  • Date of infringement notice
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Postal address and phone number
  • Photocopies of all relevant supporting documentation
  • Detailed reasons why you believe an appeal should be granted

4. Grounds for Appeal

Circumstances where an infringement WILL NOT be withdrawn
  • The driver did not realise the time, or lost track of the time.
  • The driver's hairdresser's appointment or job interview ran over time.
  • The driver's exam/lecture went over time.
  • The restaurant/café service was slow.
  • The driver went to get change from a local shop for the ticket machine.
  • The driver considered the sign was confusing or did not understand the sign.
  • The driver was not familiar with the parking requirements.
  • The driver did not know that parking restrictions applied.
  • The driver was visiting someone in hospital.
  • The driver was only there for a few minutes or only departed the vehicle for a short time.
  • The vehicle ran out of fuel.
  • The driver experienced difficulties when using the ticket machine, however did not report the fault to the Town, as stated on the ticket machine.
  • The driver saw other vehicles parked there, so thought it was ok.
Circumstances where withdrawing an infringement may be considered

An infringement notice MAY be withdrawn in the following circumstances, however where applicable, supporting documentation MUST be provided by the appellant:

  1. Infringement Notice was issued 'contrary to law' (ie, the Affected Person believes they did not commit the offence). The Affected Person is required to provide details/reasons as to why the infringement notice was issued contrary to law.
  2. The vehicle owner was not the driver at the time. A properly completed, signed and correctly witnessed Statutory Declaration Form must be provided.
  3. A disabled parking permit was not displayed or was obscured. A valid ACROD permit must be provided.
  4. Faulty ticket machine. This must be substantiated by an Authorised Person or Town's contracted Equipment Maintenance Technician. In addition, the driver must have reported to the Town the fault/difficulty at the time of the alleged ticket machine malfunction.
  5. A valid parking ticket was purchased, but not displayed or was obscured. The valid parking ticket must be provided.
  6. Parking on private property. Consideration will only be given where the written consent of the property owner or their authorised representative is provided, stating the driver was permitted to park on the property. Written consent of property owner or authorised representative must be provided, together with payment of the Town's administration fee (currently as at 2018 it is $40.00).
  7. Signage was missing, obscured, or inadequate. The information must be substantiated by providing a photograph of the sign in question or verified by a Town Authorised Person confirming the assertion, prior to the infringement notice being withdrawn.
  8. Valid residential, tradesperson or commercial parking permit was not displayed or was obscured. Consideration will only be given where written evidence is provided by the resident or permit holder to support the drivers' claim that a permit has, or should have been displayed.
  9. Parking on a verge without the consent of the adjacent property owners. Consideration will only be given where the written consent of the property owner or their authorised representative is provided.
  10. Valid parking payment was made via a parking APP, however the infringement notice was issued as the Authorised Person was unaware of the payment. Valid proof of the parking app transaction must be provided.
  11. Vehicle breakdown or vehicle accident (eg, flat tyre, flat battery, vehicle immobiliser will not de-activate etc). Written evidence must be provided from the RAC, reputable mechanical firm, attending tow truck driver, or person who rectified the fault, confirming that the vehicle could not be moved.
  12. Compliance with a lawful instruction from a Police Officer, Ranger or other Town Authorised Person. In cases due to an emergency or as a result of action by the Police to remove/apprehend the driver, consideration will only be given where a statement from Police or other Authorised Person is provided.
  13. Vehicle stolen or used without the prior authority of the owner. In this situation, the relevant Police Report Number is to be provided.
  14. Life threatening or serious medical emergency or medical treatment/procedure which was extended by a medical practitioner, thereby causing an unavoidable delay, which has prevented the person to move their vehicle or remedy the noncompliance (eg pay for additional time). Documentary evidence must be provided from a responsible person at a medical centre/ practitioner's surgery or the hospital to substantiate the incident or treatment.
  15. Death in immediate family. Documentary evidence must be provided. ('immediate family' means spouse, defacto partner, parents and grandparents, children and grand-children, brothers and sisters, mother in law and father in law, brothers in law and sisters in law, daughters in law and sons in law, adopted, half, and step members of family).
  16. Administrative Error and/or incorrect information included in the infringement notice and/or issued letter.
  17. Special and/or Extenuating Circumstances, which includes but is not limited to the following;
  • Emotional state or mental condition, where a driver's emotional state, mental or intellectual disability, disorder or illness is a factor for noncompliance. Written documentation must be provided from general practitioner, psychologist, psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse, or accredited drug treatment agency or counsellor to demonstrate the condition prevailing at the time resulted in driver being unable to either understand or control their conduct that led to the infringement notice being issued;
  • Other reasonable circumstances, a driver must provide details of the circumstances to be considered. If none of the above reasons are applicable or appropriate, other reasonable circumstances MAY be objectively assessed in order to substantiate and justify the validity and merit of an appeal. 

5. Nominate another driver 

Under s9.13 of the Local Government Act 1995 vehicle owner information may be disclosed from relevant state authorities for the purpose of enforcing the Town of Cambridge's relevant Local Laws.

Nominations can only be accepted by the registered owner of the vehicle, or, if the vehicle is registered in a company name, by a representative of that company.

If you were not the driver of the vehicle at the time the infringement was issued, you have 28 days to nominate the driver by completing a statutory declaration(PDF, 45KB) giving the driver's full name and current address or complete the online Driver Nomination Form

Fill in the form below:


Click here to complete form.

6. Take the matter to court 

If you wish to have a parking infringement matter heard in the Magistrates' Court please advise us in writing.