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Keep your mind and body active during this difficult time of COVID-19 with a range of activities and ideas for adults and children.

Enhance your education and utilise online classes, explore gardening and home renovations, or get online and find interesting free podcasts and ebooks. 



Cambridge Digital Library

Resources available online include eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines, eLanguage Learning, and eResources such as databases, newspapers and tutorial programs.

Visit the Cambridge Library website to find out more and access resources.


Story Time Online

The popular Story Time run by Cambridge Library is now available online, including Baby Rhyme Time.

Visit the Cambridge Library website for more.

Creative Kids Online Art Classes

Creative Kids Art Club – At Home Term 2 Program

Creative Kids 5-8yrs 5 artworks to create, over $40 worth of art

$220 materials to keep and hours of fun creating!

Monarch Butterfly

Create a nature study drawing of a beautiful Monarch Butterfly. We will learn about drawing shapes, composition and mixing colours. We will add the colours with acrylic paint, filling in the wings with bright oranges and golden yellows. Download the PDF and view the video online to make this colourful drawing and painting. Andy Warhol - Pop Art Flowers We will look at the work of Andy Warhol and his vibrant pop art works. We create our own scratch art paper for the background draw and cut out colourful flowers to collage. We also have a bonus pop art colouring sheet of Andy Warhol’s cats included as well.

Gond Fish Painting

The Gond tribe is the oldest known tribe from India. They create colourful images of animals which are detailed with beautiful patterns. We will draw and paint a colourful fish and decorate it using paint pens and coloured permanent markers to add our finishing details.

Lion Collage We have an awesome collage project - Head of a Lion' to create! Our lion has a wild, colourful mane. We will paint some of our own collage papers to create fabulous texture and use a range of printed papers to create our Head of a Lion Collage. Instructions are provided in the downloadable PDF and online video.

Gond Bird Painting

To complete our Indian inspired artworks, we have a Gond Bird drawing and painting. This colourful bird provides opportunities for kids to use what they have learnt and create their own work. We use cool and warm colours to create contrast and look at traditional Gond patterns to complete this stunning project.

Available: At home till 5 July. PDF instructions provided for you to print out, art materials posted out to you. Videos of art lessons are available online to watch. Limit: first 50 enrolments only.

Book online at www.creativekidsartclub.com.au

Creative Kids Art Club – At Home Term 2 Program

Art Club 9-14yrs Three, A3 size, detailed artworks to create, over $50 $230 worth of art materials to keep and hours of fun creating!

Magnolia Painted Paper

This would have to be one of our most favourite projects ever! To create this Magnolia collage, we create our own specialty collage papers. We design the composition and hand paint each of the elements. Next, we cut and collage our papers to create a stunning work of art on A3 painting paper.

Jane Donaldson Inspired Drawing

We will look at the works of contemporary Australian Artist, Jane Donaldson. She creates light, whimsical drawings of family and friends. Kids can choose who they want to include. We go through, step by step to show them how to create their own drawing and then mix transparent washes to colour their image. This A3 work provides research for our major painting project.

Jane Donaldson Inspired Painting and Collage

In our major painting project, we begin by creating our own collage papers with detailed patterns. We use acrylic paints, paint pens and markers to create this artwork on A3 painting paper. We sketch out our composition and use a range of printed papers to incorporate into our project. Students are given an example work showing the processes but the details of their own artwork are up to them.

Book online at www.creativekidsartclub.com.au.

All art materials are provided and will be posted out to you mid April 2020. 

Young Re-inventor of the Year

Need something to do for home schooling or a fun activity for the school holidays?  

The 2020 Young Re-inventor of the Year competition is now open and the theme is Future food. Enter your re-invention for your chance to win a share in $2,000 worth of sustainability prizes.   

How we grow, eat and dispose of food will need to be very different in the future if we are going to look after our planet. The current COVID-19 pandemic challenges us to re-think our relationship with food. When we self-isolate we can’t run down to the supermarket and when we do there is less food on the shelves.  

We now have the opportunity to consider - How can we stretch our precious food further? What new skills can we learn  to grow, cook and recycle food in a sustainable (and delicious) way? How can we use our new skills to look after our planet once things go back to normal?  

Re-invent or create something from waste materials that reflects what sustainable food might look like now and in the future. For example, create a recipe using vegetable scraps or leftovers, make a solar oven, an upcycled worm farm or an ingenious way of storing food. Use waste from home or school to be resourceful and creative. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

For more information, resources and ideas visit - switchyourthinking.com. We will be regularly posting new ideas on Facebook so make sure you like the Switch your thinking page for updates.   


Helen O'Gradys Drama School at home

 Get creative with Helen O'Grady Drama Academy's Classes in Term 2 with our new Drama@Home program.

Our new Drama@Home program includes:
.  Weekly Drama@Home videos for each age group, full of drama &
language activities.

.       Bonus Drama@Home Activity packs sent to you once a fortnight with
loads of additional fun drama related activities.

.       Optional small-group short Drama@Home Zoom time with one of our
wonderful teachers. Sessions will include games, activities and plenty of
interaction and connection.
Sign up for a FREE trial lesson today!

Check out these links to find out more:


RSPCA WA Dog Training

RPSCA WA is now offering Puppy Kindy and Dog Training classes online, using Zoom. 

Online group classes, limimted to just four (4) dogs or puppies, share many of the same features of a small group class. The format is very similar. The instructor demonstrates with their own dog, then coaches you with your dog one-by-one via live video feed. You can see the other class participants and hear the feedback they receive. You can ask questions at any time.

Find out more


VividVoices and Choir4Kids Online Singing via Zoom

Join V2online!
Our singing group is open to everyone. 


Are you looking for a place to connect whilst in isolation or simply a place to start your singing journey. 
Maybe a place to go whilst your usual choir is on Corona holidays!  We would love to meet you online and sing with you. 
We sing upbeat, contemporary songs.
Twice weekly Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons on Zoom.  The cost is $25 per month and this gives you access to the zoom rehearsal and everything you need to keep singing at home too.  Best of all- this singing group will be staying longer than the virus!  We plan to keep singing online (and in person) across Perth, other states in Australia and even across the world. 
Are you ready to join us?


Free Online Nutrition Education Workshops

Join Foodbank and Food Sensations for their free online nutrition education workshops.

Food Sensations for Adults is running a three week online program covering topics such as healthy eating, label reading, meal planning and budgeting. 

Visit foodbank.org.au/healthyeating

Live Virtual Concerts

Choose from the list of live virtual concerts available to watch online during this time. 

Jamboree on the Internet (Scouts)

There will be many different activities over the weekend from ranging from e-learning courses on health, well-being and online safety to learning about different cultures. You will be able to play games and lead fun activities as well as doing what you can to support those in need.



Curtin Community Care

A message from Celia Hammond on Curtin Community Care: 

“If you are self-isolating or require assistance, in particular with shopping or food, please get in touch with my office and we will work with local organisations to try to find the support you require.

Alternatively, if you are able to volunteer your time to assist others in need please sign up via my website at www.celiahammond.com.au/covid19help

Or get in touch with my office and we will put you in contact with a service provider who might be able to use your help! My office can be contacted via phone on 9388 0288 or email at celia.hammond.mp@aph.gov.au”. 



Virtual Tours of Museums, Zoos and Theme Parks

You may not be able to attend in person right now, so check our this list of the best virtual tours of museums, zoos and theme parks. 

Virtual Tours

Grow a Herb Garden

If you've been thinking of growing your own herbs, now might be a good time while you are social distancing or in self-isolation.

Find out how to Grow your own herb garden.


Jump on Youtube and find some great exercise and fitness tutorials.

You may like to try 20 minutes of meditation or a yoga class

Or go for a brisk walk in the fresh air. 

Jungle Body Tribe online classes

The Jungle Body Tribe are offering online classes on Wednesdays from 4pm and Sundays live at 8.45am.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/Thejunglebodytribe/ to find out more.


Guide to Modern Cloth Nappies

Are you struggling with shortages of disposable nappies and wipes?

One of the great things about reusable Modern Cloth Nappies is that you don't have to run to the shops to get more.

They are better for the environment and save money too.

If you would like to find out more, Switch your thinking has developed a Guide to Modern Cloth Nappies


Birding at Home

We know the coming days and weeks are going to be hard for everyone across Australia, as we stand together to stop the spread of COVID-19. But even at difficult times like this, you can rely on birds to bring you joy, solace and a connection to the natural world.

So, we’ve gathered some ways that we can all continue to enjoy the beauty of our feathered friends and keep you and the kids having fun and learning new skills while our movements are restricted.

BirdLife Australia is a national bird conservation charity with more than 175,000 supporters. Our purpose is to stop extinctions, ensuring native birds are protected and valued. We’d love you to join us - just click on any of the tiles below to start exploring!

View website

Red Cross tips to staying positive and mentally healthy

Our Facebook page has a lot of wellbeing messaging and Psychosocial Preparedness tips.

It’s important to acknowledge It’s okay to feel stressed and confused, even scared and angry, about the #coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. It's normal to have a range of feelings. But good information can help. We've put together simple steps you can take to prepare on this How to Prepare webpage: https://www.redcross.org.au/coronavirus

It is really important to have good stress management and wellbeing strategies right now.

Mental health and wellbeing for COVID-19: https://www.redcross.org.au/news-and-media/news/covid-19-and-your-mental-wellbeing

Self-isolating tips for familieshttps://www.redcross.org.au/news-and-media/news/coronavirus-tips-for-self-isolating

Advice on how to talk to children about COVID-19: https://www.redcross.org.au/news-and-media/news/talking-to-kids-about-covid-19

Get Prepared App: https://www.redcross.org.au/get-help/emergencies/preparing-for-emergencies/get-prepared-app

Positive stories: https://www.redcross.org.au/news-and-media/news/silver-linings-during-covid-19

Red Cross is adding more content all the time so stay in touch via this linkhttps://www.redcross.org.au/stories/covid-19


Perth Zoo

Connect with the Perth Zoo live and see virtual keeper talks, wild activities with the Home Safari and more. 

Critters Up Close - Wildlife Wednesdays

Join the Critters Virtual Classroom and join in private and group sessions to see some creatures up close. 

Critters Up Close Facebook page


You can still spark science curiosity with your children from home with Scitech's Explosion of the Week, Science at Home and science podcasts. 

View Scitech videos and podcasts

Kings Park Holiday at Home

Kings Park offers a range of at-home activities, resources, competitions, daily videos and bucket loads of fun while you holiday at home.

Find out more

Constable Care Online- Primary School Activities

Constable Care video resources for primary school aged children, including helpful COVID-19 resources such as fun handwashing guides, how to explain self-isolation, indoor safety-themed craft activities and more, as well as other topics we are already well-known for including protective behaviours, cybersafety and road safety.https://www.cccsf.org.au/primary

Constable Care- Child Safety Foundation- Secondary Students- Theatrical Group Online

Beginning in Term 2, 2020 our dynamic Theatrical Response Group (TRG) workshops will be available online!
These online films will use playbacks and multiple endings to help secondary students explore issues, devise solutions and develop help-seeking strategies.

Topics to be covered include:

For more information email education@cccsf.org.au

Learn Kung Fu

Ging Mo Academy is running online classes - check out their Facebook page