E-Scooter Hire Service 12-Month Trial

E-scooter Hire Service | 12-Month Trial

The Town of Cambridge is partnering with Beam Mobility (Beam) for 12 months to provide up to 120 e-scooters along our stunning coastline, including key destinations such as City Beach, Floreat Beach, and Peasholm Dog Beach. With the trial commencement, you will also be able to use a purple e-scooter to travel along the coast into Stirling, providing accessibility between the areas and key local attractions. Keep an eye out for the purple e-scooters and happy scooting along the coast! It is quick and easy to access a Beam e-scooter, simply download the Beam app and scan the code on an e-scooter at one of the designated parking spots.










E-scooters are available to ride from City Beach in the south of the operating area all the way to Pesholm Dog Beach in the north. You will also be able to connect and travel to and from the City of Stirling, providing seamless connectivity between the areas.


Geofencing technology allows for areas to be excluded and speed limits to be set. No e-scooters will be allowed along the boardwalk between Floreat Beach and City Beach, as well as the path running directly along the beach up to the City of Perth Surf Club, or near residential areas. The City Beach ovals will also be excluded. The technology permits for flexibility and agility, allowing for prompt changes to be made. Designated parking areas are allocated and are shown on the map below.


All Beam e-scooters are fitted with registration numbers (front and back) to make it quick and easy to report any issues. If you see a badly parked e-scooter, vandalism, or poor riding behaviour please immediately report this to Beam for swift response via the reporting channels below.

Toll-Free Number 1300 507 676 or teamsupportau@ridebeam.com

           Frequently Asked Questions:

Why a 12-month trial?

The trial aims to collect information and allow for community engagement; feedback and comments are encouraged. Please contact the Town at mail@cambridge.wa.gov.au or 9347 6000 if you would like to know more about the program. 

For operational concerns and questions, Beam Mobility should be contacted directly at Toll-Free Number: 1300 507 676 and teamsupportau@ridebeam.com



How will e-scooters operate in the local community?

E-scooters will improve connectivity and provide an accessible and sustainable transport option for visitors and residents to explore more of the Town and travel to and from the City of Stirling. Shared micromobility aims to improve links between, key destinations including City Beach and Floreat Beach, local restaurants in Cambridge through to Scarborough Beach in Stirling, and encourage a shift away from cars for shorter trips.


What are the benefits of e-scooters in the community?

E-scooters provide an agile and sustainable, on-demand transport option for visitors and local residents to travel along the Coast and get around the local area. They also reduce harmful carbon emissions, traffic and parking congestion, support business connectivity and create local jobs. Beam will have an on-the-ground team based locally to support a 24/7 service.


What are the safety features?

Beam will deploy its Saturn 5 e-scooters, featuring safety-first technology to support both rider safety and that of other road users, including GPS tracking, geofencing and speed limiting technology to ensure safe integration into the local transport network. High precision geofencing will be in place, ensuring riders remain inside the approved e-scooter operational zones, and swift action as the rider moves between zones with differing restrictions such as ‘slow zones’, where speed is automatically slowed, ‘no ride zones’ and ‘no parking zones’. Beam’s seated e-scooters will also be available for local use.


What are the riding and parking rules?

Find out more about the riding and parking rules by visiting Beam’s Beam Safe

Academy here, or within the Beam app.


How do I get started on a Beam?

Beam’s e-scooters can be accessed via their Beam app. The Beam app can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play stores. Instructions on how to get started are included in the app, or you can read more here.

How to ride:

Locate a Beam:

Download the Beam app and find an e-scooter nearby.

Unlock it:

Scan the QR code on the handlebar to unlock the e-scooter and follow the instructions in the app.

Safety First:

Check all equipment, including the brakes, and wear a helmet before you ride.

Start riding:

Push off on the e-scooter to get it moving, then press the ‘Go’ button gently.

To slow down & stop:

Release the ‘Go’ button gently to reduce your speed or pull firmly on the brake levers on the handlebar.

To end the trip

Park at designated parking spots, ensuring that the e-scooter is parked on the

footpath away from pedestrians and doorways. And, place the e-scooter back on its kickstand, take a photo of the e-scooter parked neatly before ending the trip.


How do I contact Beam’s Customer Service team?

You can contact Beam’s Customer Service team through the ‘Support’ button on the main menu in the Beam app.

If you need to speak to someone in person, please call Beam’s helpline:

Toll-Free Number: 1300 507 676

You can also visit the Website: https://www.ridebeam.com/help or alternatively email: teamsupportau@ridebeam.com


Am I covered by rider insurance?

Beam provides personal accident insurance and third-party insurance for registered riders, provided the rider adheres to the relevant legislation governing e-scooters (e.g. minimum age requirement). You can read more about Beam’s insurance coverage, or make a claim here.

If you have been in an accident involving a Beam, please contact emergency services if required and report the incident to Beam here.

Our Customer Service Team is available to provide assistance, please contact our Customer Service team on the contact details listed above if you need support.


How do I report a badly parked or poorly located e-scooter?

If a Beam e-scooter is parked badly or causing an obstruction, please report to Beam here.

This is the best way to report a badly parked e-scooter, as a member of the local operations team is alerted and can swiftly respond. Please take note of the registration number of the e-scooter, which is required to locate the vehicle.


How do I report an e-scooter rider on a Beam?

If you have a concern or complaint about a rider on a Beam, immediately register your complaint with Beam’s Customer Service team on the contact details listed above. Please provide the vehicle registration number (if possible) and as much

detail as possible on the behaviour (ie, location, time, regularity). If the rider is breaking the law, please also refer the matter to the police.

If the complaint is about a rider on a privately owned e-scooter, then please refer the matter to the police.



How many e-scooters will be available?

Beam will have up to 120 e-scooters operating in the Town of Cambridge, including our accessible seated e-scooters. The e-scooters will be ‘rebalanced’ over night between the City of Stirling and the Town to prevent congestion issues. 


What are the hours of service?

Beam will provide an on-demand 24/7 service in Cambridge, catering to shift workers and providing an alternate transport option for visitors and local residents to easily move along the Town’s coast.


How fast can the e-scooters travel?

E-scooters are governed by state legislation. This covers where you can ride, speed and age limits, and other legal requirements. We highly recommend you read more about the rules in Western Australia here as non-compliance can result in prosecution by the police.

Beam e-scooters will be speed restricted in designated areas to ensure pedestrian and rider safety. Slow zones are determined in collaboration with Council and are enforced by our geofencing technology.

E-scooters can be ridden on footpaths with maximum speeds varying between 10km/h and 15km/h along the route. 


How are the e-scooters protected from theft, vandalism and misuse?

Beam Mobility e-scooters are equipped with a suite of technology. All of our e-scooters have GPS controls and are managed through our geofencing technology.

They cannot be ridden out of the permitted operating area and will come to a

gradual stop if taken beyond the boundaries. Our e-scooters are equipped with topple technology, if they fall over or are left laying down our on-the-ground rangers will receive an alert to attend and move the e-scooter to a safe place.


Is there a minimum age limit for riding an e-scooter?

Beam Mobility’s Terms of Service - Australia and New Zealand stipulates that riders must be 16 years old to ride a Beam e-scooter. You can find out more here.