Local Planning Policies

Local planning policies guide development of individual sites within the Town, and clearly explain what Council aims to achieve through development control.
Local planning policies should be used by property owners, developers and the Council to ensure high quality development, consistent decision-making, and fair and prompt application processing. 
Local planning policies should be read in conjunction with Town Planning Scheme No. 1, which provides the basis for development control in the Town.


Procedural Policies

Precinct Policies

Land Use and Development Standard Policies

Revoked Policies

  • Policy 3.20: Construction Management Plans (27 August 2019 DV19.114) Note: replaced by Council Policy 4.1.2 which is available here
  • Policy 3.4: Home Occupations (27 April 2021 DV21.25) 
  • Policy manual explanation policies and schedules (19 March 2019 DV19.29)
  • Policy 4.2: Residential Development in Non-Residential Areas (26 February 2019 DV19.17)
  • Policy 4.3: Amusement Centres (26 February 2019 DV19.17) 
  • Policy 2.2: Applications for Planning Approval (24 July 2018 DV18.102)
  • Policy 2.4: Requests to Amend Policy Manual (24 July 2018 DV18.102)
  • Policy 2.5: Requests to Amend Town Planning Scheme (24 July 2018 DV18.102)
  • Policy 2.6: Delegation of Authority (22 May 2018 DV18.62)