Parking Permits

1. Overview

Parking permits are available to residents who live in a single home or unit complex where no on-site parking is provided.

Subject to conditions, commercial parking permits are also available.

2. Residential Permits 

Single Homes

Parking permits may be issued to the resident of a single home in situations where there are residential parking permit restrictions on the road or verge outside the property. The number of permits reduces by one for every parking space available on the property itself.

Flats / Units / Apartments (more than six)

Parking permits are not issued to residents living in complexes of more than six units, flats or apartments.

Flats / Units / Apartments (six or less)

Parking permits for units in complexes of six or less may be issued determined by the availability of on-site and on-street parking.

3. Apply for Parking Permits for a Residence

Conditions governing Parking Permits

Each application for parking permits is individually assessed in conjunction with Parking Permits Policy(PDF, 22KB)   and there is no guarantee the applicant will receive the number of permits applied for. Parking permits are issued at the discretion of the Town. Should a resident abuse the Conditions of Use in relation to parking permits (i.e, photocopying or selling to another party), the Town reserves the right to revoke their parking permit allocation at any time.

Permits are issued subject to the following conditions:

1. The permit is valid only until date of expiry.

2. Infringements will be issued if any Permit is not clearly displayed. Photocopied Permits are not permitted and may incur infringements.

3. Permits do not guarantee a parking space in the Road/Street shown thereon. Visitors to a resident's property must park in the street the Permit is issued and no more than 150 metres from that property. The Town would deem this to be 'Reasonable Distance'.

4. The Permit may only be used for:

  • parking on the road designated for the Permit, Except on occasions nominated by the Town;
  • parking on the verge of the property designated on the permit, unless (parking is prohibited by a sign)
  • parking on the road or verge for periods up to 24 hours only. 

5. Parking permits may only be used in Residential Parking Permit areas where signage states “Residential Parking Permits Excepted”.

6. Permits are only considered valid if the person who applied for the Permit resides at the premises. New residents should apply for parking Permits as soon as possible.

7. The Town reserves the right to revoke any Permit at any time.

8. Should a Permit become faded or damaged, a replacement can be made free of charge upon receipt of the faded or damaged Permit. Replacement of lost or stolen Permits incur a fee of $25 per Permit. Stolen Permit replacements are free of charge when a relevant Police report is produced.

9. Residential Permits are not issued to business or commercial premises.

10. Temporary Permits may be issued if you are having a function. Please advise the Town with sufficient notice to issue temporary permits when required. Rangers may check to verify if you are holding a function. Misuse of the temporary permits will result in the Permits being revoked on the spot and an Infringement Notice being issued on the offending vehicles.

11. Should you have any queries regarding Permits, please contact Ranger Service on 9347 6000.

Apply for a Residential Parking Permit

4. Commercial Permits

Commercial parking permits are available to businesses with no more than three car parking bays on their property.  The permits are restricted to vehicles that weigh up to one-tonne and are no more than six-metres long.

Please refer to Sections 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 of the Town's Parking Permits Policy .(PDF, 22KB)


The annual fee of $2,700 of a commercial parking permit is based on approximately $10 per business working day (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays) and is payable in advance.

Payments are accepted over the phone by credit card, in person at the Administration Centre, or by sending a cheque or money order. Please note: the Town will not send invoices for payment.

Once your application is received you will be contact for payment and a tax invoice receipt will be issued along with the permit.

5. Apply for a Commercial Parking Permit

Conditions for a Commercial Parking Permit

Permits are issued subject to the following conditions:

1. When first applying for the permit, the following must be provided:

  • Proof of Proprietor of the business or commercial enterprise.

2. Prohibitions:

A Commercial Parking Permit will not be issued in the following circumstances:

  • where a business or commercial enterprise has benefited from a car parking bays on-site;
  • where a business or commercial enterprise had benefited from a car parking concession granted by the Council as part of a Planning Approval (for example payment of cash-in-lieu);
  • where a business or commercial enterprise commences operation at their address/location after parking restrictions introduced immediately adjacent to that property; and 
  • for use involving any "large commercial vehicle" or "over length vehicle" greater than one tonne (panel vans and utilities excepted) or exceeding the length of one car parking bay or 6 metres - whichever is the lesser, associated with a commercial business.

3. The Commercial Permit must be displayed in the lower left hand corner of the vehicle's windscreen, thus ensuring its visibility from outside the vehicle. Infringements will be issued if the Permit is not clearly displayed.

4. Permits do not guarantee a parking space in the adjacent road/street.

5. The Permit may only be used for parking on the road designated and between the cross streets identified on the Permit.

6. The Permit only allows the driver of a vehicle to park beyond the prescribed time restriction.

7. All other parking requirements still apply and MUST be observed at ALL times.

8. Permits will only be applicable if displayed in the designated vehicle.

9. Where the holder of a Permit does not comply with, or abuses the conditions of use of the Parking Permit, the Town may revoke the Permit for the property.

10. The Permit is only valid until the date of expiry.

Apply for a Commercial Parking Permit