Scoop the Poop

In early May Year 5 West Leederville Primary School student Liloue wrote a letter to the Post complaining about all the dog poo at Cowden Park, where students play and eat their lunch. Town of Cambridge Ranger Services visited West Leederville Primary School and Liloue, enlisting their help in a new campaign to tackle the problem.

Rangers Services has run a competition for students at West Leederville Primary School to design posters with the message of 'picking up your dog poo' at Cowden Park. With over 50 entries deciding on a winner was difficult but the students had a clear message to share, Scoop your Poop.

Winners were announced at West Leederville Primary School at an assembly on Thursday, 26 July 2018 with four banners, created using the artwork from the winners and finalists of the competition.


  • Rayan Jape
  • Will Nakervis and Blake Jenkins
  • Zara Gastevski
  • Elena Casa Huelin
  • Henry Cash, Felix Cooley and Ethan Parker
  • Zara Stevens
  • Sofia Littlejohn
  • Aisha Di Lollo
  • Bastian Cianci
  • Ashely Knight
  • Emily Strike

Encouragement Awards

  • Eamon Tan
  • Gea Mallarini


  • Zechariah Navea
  • Matthew Owen and Oliver Bull

Town of Cambridge Mayor, Keri Shannon, says we knew the kids would come up with some great ideas and slogans but their creativity has been amazing.

"We hope that having the banner designed by children will share their voice and remind offenders to do the right thing" said Mayor Shannon.

In addition to running the competition, the Town of Cambridge repositioned bins and increased the number of dog poo bag dispensers at entrances and hot spots. Ranger Services visited the park three times a day to engage and educate park users, handing out poo bags in special pouches which can be attached to keychains and bags.

Town of Cambridge Mayor, Keri Shannon, says this is just the start of a great campaign to educate our local community and park users.

"The feedback from students and park users has been very positive" Mayor Shannon said.

All artwork from the competition will be on display for a month at the Cambridge Library from Thursday, 26 July 2018