Better Bins Program

1. Overview

The $20 million Better Bins Program is a State Government program delivered by the Waste Authority.  The Program provides funding to local governments to implement better practice kerbside collection services to support higher recovery and the achievement of the State Government’s 2020 municipal solid waste targets.

The Town of Cambridge participates in a number of Better Bin Programs:

2. General waste bin-lid swap

The Better Bins Program has supported the Town bin lid exchange program that has seen green lids on general waste bins across the Town swapped to red.  By doing so all Town of Cambridge householder bins conform with the Australian Standard for bin lid colours:

  • red for general waste;
  • yellow for recycling; and
  • lime green for green waste.

Swapping to the Australian Standard colours is seen as a way of promoting correct bin use, to increase recycling rates and decrease the amount of waste going to landfill.

How the red lid exchange is done

Bin lid swaps are programmed to coincide with your usual collection day.  As we can't guarantee the exact time of day your bin lid will be swapped, please leave your bin out on the verge until 5pm on your collection day.

What to do if your general waste bin does not have a red lid

If your general waste bin lid has not been swapped over to red contact our Waste Minimisation team on 9347 6000 or Send an Email

3. Recycling Bin Upgrade Program

This Better Bins Program allows residents to upgrade to a larger or additional recycling bin, meaning you can recycle more which will reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Request a bigger or extra recycling bin online

4. Green Waste Bin Promotion

This Better Bins Program is an opt-in green waste bin service for the collection of garden waste.

Green waste recycling bins are an easy and affordable way to dispose of lawn clippings, prunings, leaves and small branches.

The green waste collection is a fortnightly service, on the alternate week to the recycling collection. Green waste is taken to a recycling facility where it is composted ready for reuse.

Cost of green waste bin

The initial green waste bin is provided for an annual fee of $70 per year. Two additional Green Bins can be ordered at an annual fee of $100 each per year.  Rates and charges are reviewed annually and this fee may change.

Order a green waste bin online 

For more information about the Better Bins Program please contact our Waste Minimisation Team on 9347 6000.