Bulk verge collections

Bulk Verge Collection

The Town conducts two residential property bulk verge collections each year (generally in Spring and Autumn).  Bulk verge collections are not applicable to commercial properties.

Three (3) weeks prior to your areas collection date a brochure will be left in your letterbox listing what will and will not be collected, and how to stack the items for collection on the verge.

As the collection is conducted by a small loader, all items should be placed away from reticulation and gardens.

Only items for collection should be placed on or near the verge (including crossovers).

Bulk Verge is only available for residents.  Businesses are exempt from this service and must make their own arrangements. 


2020 bulk verge collections

All Autumn collections have been completed.

The next round of bulk verge dates have not been set due to COVID-19 and information will be available once a decision is made. 

If you notice any junk or greens as illegal dumping, use the Town's REPORT IT online function. 

It is a public health issue to have items on verges which people then go through and handle.

  •  Refer to your delivered flyer in your mailbox for COLLECTION DATES & GUIDELINES or email waste@cambridge.wa.gov.au for your allocated dates
  •  Items out of scope will not be removed by council
  • Only items to be removed by council should be placed on verges or crossovers
  • People who have water wise verges should contact council for instructions
  • Only present items on your verges and not in reserves
  • Households placing items out too early will be reported and fines may ensue.  

Items that will be collected

  • Old furniture
  • Stoves (doors removed)
  • Refrigerators (doors removed) and other white goods
  • General junk - no mirrors or glass, no electrical or electronic waste
  • Car batteries (separated from other items, one per household)
  • Garden waste (separated from other waste) - green waste to presented in boxes (not plastic bags)
  • Oil (up to 5L per household)

Items that will not be collected

  • Tyres
  • Motor vehicle parts or whole cars
  • Large tree trunks or stumps
  • Branches over 1.5 metres in length
  • Flammable liquids
  • Gas bottles 
  • Paint and chemicals
  • Asbestos and cement products
  • Bricks, concrete, sand and rubble
  • Building materials, timber and tiles
  • Perishable goods and household waste
  • Glass, mirrors and outdoor glass tables
  • Gas bottles and fire extinguishers
  • Mattresses (see below)
  • Electronic waste (see below)
  • These items can be disposed or at your local recycling centre

Separate Mattresses Collection information her

E-waste collection information 

Want to get rid of unwanted items quickly?

If you need to get rid of household items quickly, consider donating furniture, appliances, clothing or tools to charity.

Good Sammys collect undamaged household items, furniture and clothing. Call 1300 855 130 to find out about this free service. 

Household items can also be disposed of at your local recycling centre

Dispose of specified items via one of the Town's Recycling Programs