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Do you have items in good condition that you no longer need?

When you’re organising a clean out before a Verge Valet™ collection and there’s items like furniture too good to discard, please contact the Town’s Waste Department on 9347 6041 to find out if there’s an opportunity to donate those items to charity.

About Verge Valet™
  • Book your Verge Valet™ bulk rubbish and/or green waste collection online for a date that suits you.
  • Verge Valet™ is the convenient bulk rubbish and green waste service that's streets ahead of old, messy communal collections.
  • Verge Valet™ is available all year-round.
  • Each property can book 2x bulk waste and 1x green waste per financial year. Residents have the option to book an extra collection booking of each and pay the contractor directly.
  • You can swap both bulk waste collections for green waste collections if required, but not vice versa. 
  • You can book both bulk collections at the same time if you have a lot of waste.
  • Garden Waste Bags are available for sale at the Customer Service Desk, Administration Centre, 1 Bold Park Drive FLOREAT.
  • Verge Valet™ is available for residential ratepayers only – businesses are able to use the pre-paid 'Verge Valet™ Extra' version by calling 6336 7223.

Items NOT ACCEPTED by Verge Valet™
  • No mattresses in the collection - this a separate service Click here to book a mattress collection.
  • No tyres, wheels or car parts - a fee can be paid to dispose of these at the West Metro Recycling Centre. (map) (fees)
  • No glass panels or surfaces. (eg. table tops and mirrors) 
  • For the full list please check the 'accepted' tab in the FAQ section.


Options for Repair, Recycling and Reuse of your items BEFORE your Verge Valet™


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For more information visit or phone the Town's Waste Department on 9347 6041. 

*Your data collected by Verge Valet™ service will only be used for the purpose of booking a Verge Valet™ service.




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