Verge Valet Collections

Verge Valet Collection 

 The Town of Cambridge is replacing the previous twice yearly Bulk Verge Collection system with a  Verge Valet System.

What is Verge Valet? 

Verge Valet is a simple, fast, efficient, cost effective bulk collection service than the messy traditional communal bulk service that had items remaining on verges for up to three weeks.

How does it work?

  • Residents book a service date
  • Residents put waste on verge or designated location 1-2 days before the pre-booked date. 
  • Bulk waste is collected

When will it start?

Planning is underway for the service to commence in early November 2020.

How do I book? 

Final details of the booking service will be communicated soon. 

Where can I find out more?

Please revisit this page regularly and keep an eye on the local papers, social media, and newsletters etc for further announcements.

What do I do with my bulk waste in the meantime?

In the ensuing time, residents can still take their own household bulk items to West Metro Recycling Centre (Brockway Transfer Station). Some fees may apply, and residents are advised to check their website prior:

 If you notice any junk or greens as illegal dumping, use the Town's REPORT IT online function. 

Separate Mattresses Collection information her

E-waste collection information 

Want to get rid of unwanted items quickly?

If you need to get rid of household items quickly, consider donating furniture, appliances, clothing or tools to charity.

Good Sammys collect undamaged household items, furniture and clothing. Call 1300 855 130 to find out about this free service. 

Household items can also be disposed of at your local recycling centre

Dispose of specified items via one of the Town's Recycling Programs