ACE the Interview workshop



What’s crazy about interviews is that you have 7 seconds (tops) to make a good first
impression. Some research shows we form our first impression of a person after seeing their face for less than 1/10th of a second.

Unbelievable, right? But it is hardwired into us to make these snap assessments, and once made they are difficult to push aside.

  • How do you actively manage that first impression at an interview, and then follow it up with a performance that will help you win the job?
  • How do you show up centred, grounded, prepared and powerful so you can ACE the interview?


A lot of people worry about what questions they will be asked at the interview. Certainly part of your interview preparation is anticipating questions and preparing answers for them.  But (believe it or not) that is only a small part of what is required to really ACE the interview.

  • The most important part is your inner game.It’s about confidence, being authentic, and showing up as the best version of you (rather than a nervous wreck).

If you have crashed and burned at interviews in the past and want your next interview to be a whole different experience, you need this workshop.

Suzi is a trained counsellor, life coach and NLP practitioner and has had real life success in mentoring people to ACE their interviews and get the job.  Discover the tips, tricks and techniques that will ensure you ACE your next job interview.

What’s covered at ACE the Interview?

  • Why your values are foundational and how to use them for maximum effect.
  • How to deal with those tricky questions without shooting yourself in the foot.
  • A simple technique for initiating a powerful bio-feedback loop to get you into peak state.
  • Why it is important to manage your expectations and beliefs.
  • I have so much to share that there won't be time to cover it all in detail on the day. You will get a follow-up email post-workshop with information and links that extend the value of the workshop way past the three hours we will have together.
  • I am known for over-delivering!

This is an in-person workshop from 9.30 - 12.30 on Saturday 30 November at the Leederville Sporting Club, 78 Cambridge Street, West Leederville. The venue is air conditioned and there is free parking on site. Seats are limited. The ACE the interview system has not been delivered in a workshop before and will never be offered again at this introductory price of $200.


Leederville Sporting Club,  78 Cambridge Street,  West Leederville 6007  View Map

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