Age-Friendly Community Plan

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The Town of Cambridge understands that a strong community is vital to supporting residents to age-in-place and maintain a high quality of life as they grow older. The Town’s Age-Friendly Community Plan will articulate a community development approach facilitated by the Town that focuses on strengthening community connections and building the capacity of people to participate in the achievement of age-friendly outcomes.

An Age-Friendly Community Plan sets out strategies to ensure policies and services are designed to support and enable older people to 'age actively', that is, to live in security, enjoy good health and continue to participate fully in the community.

The Town’s Age Friendly Community Plan will reflect the age-friendly planning frameworks developed by the World Health Organisation and the State Government Department of Community Services.

An age-friendly community is one which:

  • recognises the great diversity among older people
  • promotes their inclusion and contribution in all areas of community life
  • respects their decisions and lifestyle choices
  • anticipates and responds flexibly to ageing-related needs and preferences.

To support, promote and respond to the needs of people as they grow older to ensure they are able to maintain a high quality of life at any age.