City Beach pedestrian and traffic plan

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Are you a local resident or regular City Beach user? We would like to hear your thoughts on a series of proposed changes to Challenger Parade including pedestrian movements and traffic calming works to create safer zones in the busy beach areas.

The new Surf Club Building and restaurant development at City Beach has resulted in the area growing in popularity, especially in summer. To meet the growing demand for parking, the Town has increased capacity in the expanded Fred Burton car park, which is now very busy in peak times. 

This has resulted in more people having to cross Challenger Parade to get to the beach, surf club and restaurants. The Town believes that improvements should be made to slow down traffic and provide safer pedestrian crossing facilities on this section of Challenger Parade. The Town has developed a plan for these changes, some of which can be implemented in stages. 


Key to options

  1. Relocate the School Bus Stops from Challenger Parade to Fred Burton Way. Provide new bus shelters at the School Bus Stops and a footpath to connect to existing footpath in Oceanic Drive. This work allows for traffic calming measures in Challenger Parade as well as relocating the bus shelters to a location better suited to the prevailing weather. This option does not impact the current public transport bus stop on Oceanic Drive.
  2. Install a 3m wide raised median with trees and shrubs to separate north and south bound traffic lanes and pedestrian refuges at crossing points.
  3. Close vehicle access to Fred Burton Carpark at this point and install a new raised pedestrian crossing point.
  4. Close the entry and exit to the beach side carpark at this point, including removing slip lane on Challenger Parade and install new pedestrian footpath on western side of Challenger Parade.
  5. Expand the car park exit to provide dedicated left and right turn out lanes.
  6. Connect the northern and southern beach side car parks in front of Clancy’s with a pavement that priorities pedestrian movements over vehicle movements.
  7. Continue footpaths from Challenger Parade to Clancy’s
  8. Subject to Main Roads approval, implement a 40 km/h speed limit on Challenger Parade in this area with raised plateau to calm traffic. Cycle lanes will have gentle slopes over these plateau.
  9. Change Fred Burton Car Park to have Entry only for vehicles with additional footpath and all vehicles Exit on Fred Burton Way


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