Draft Economic Development Strategy

Submissions closed on 18 June 2018, 05:00 PM


In July 2018, Council adopted the Town of Cambridge Economic Development Strategy (EDS). The EDS has four overarching goals to promote economic development within the Town, by:

  • Providing a high standard of communication and business support;
  • Developing our unique centres to support population growth and attract high quality employment;
  • Managing the activation and our centres and shared public spaces; and
  • Improving transport and connectivity for centres and local businesses.

A copy of the EDS is available here. 

  • Small Business Friendly Local Government Initiative

The Town recently signed the Small Business Friendly Local Government Charter, which is an initiative by the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC). The SBDC's primary role is to encourage, promote, facilitate and assist in the establishment, growth and development of small business in Western Australia. Throughout the Small Business Sector, several services are provided by SBDC including (but not limited to):

• Advisory services;

• Commercial tenancy advisory service; and

• Policy, advocacy and advice to government (State and Local).


The SBDC's initiative commenced in August 2016 and seeks to help pave the way to more productive relationships between small business and local government in Western Australia. The Town is pleased to announce it is looking to improve the way it interacts with small businesses operating in its community, to ensure that it is offering an attractive location in which to establish and grow a small business. More information is available at the Small Business Development Corporation's website: https://www.smallbusiness.wa.gov.au/