Heritage Review

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The Town of Cambridge Heritage Review was completed in 2018.

In November 2018, Council adopted the Town of Cambridge Local Government Inventory including 117 places and two precincts, and the Town of Cambridge Heritage List containing 74 places.

The adopted heritage documents can be found here.

Heritage Review 2018 - Consultation

The Town of Cambridge is seeking your comments on its Heritage Review. The Town is in the process of conducting a review of its Local Government Inventory of Heritage Places (LGI). The Town engaged heritage consultants to review the existing LGI and assess places across the local area to inform the recommendations for the draft revised LGI and the Heritage List. Place nominations from the community were received in May 2017 to inform the preparation of a draft reviewed LGI and draft Heritage List.

A draft local planning policy and Scheme Amendment have also been prepared to support the conservation and management of heritage places. In May 2018, Council endorsed the following documents for formal public consultation:

• Draft Local Government Inventory of Heritage Places

• Draft Heritage List

• Draft Local Planning Policy 3.16: Development of Heritage Places

• Scheme Amendment No. 37

Please review the draft LGI and Heritage List in conjunction with the proposed incentives, draft Policy and Scheme Amendment and submit your feedback using the form below before 5:00pm, Monday 27 August 2018.

The Heritage Review documentation is also available for inspection at the Town of Cambridge Administration Centre - 1 Bold Park Drive, Floreat, and Cambridge Library during business hours. For further information please contact the Town on 9347 6000 or mail@cambridge.wa.gov.au.

Owners of properties considered for inclusion in the draft LGI and Heritage List will be contacted by the Town via letter and kept informed throughout the process. To see what properties are being considered, please view the lists below:

• Local Government Inventory(PDF, 77KB)

• Heritage List(PDF, 71KB)

Information Sessions

Interested community members were invited to attend Information sessions to hear about, and provide feedback on the heritage review. The Sessions were held on Thursday 26 July 2018 and Saturday 28 July 2018 at the Town's administration building - 1 Bold Park Drive, Floreat.

The feedback received from the Sessions will be included in the consultation report to inform the finalisation of the heritage review.

The Heritage Review Information Session presentation is available below:

ToCambridge-Draft-Heritage-Review-Information-Session-Presentation-July-2018.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

It is a requirement under section 45 of the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 that local governments prepare, maintain and review a Local Government Inventory of Heritage Places (LGI).

A LGI is a database of places and areas of local heritage significance within the Town.  The LGI by itself offers no legal protection of these places and does not affect future development.

The Town's current LGI was prepared in 1997 and consists of 47 places. Altogether, approximately 140 places have been reviewed, consisting of currently listed places, places on the State Heritage Office inHerit database, and new nominations received from the community at the start of the review process in May 2017. As a result of the review, 120 places are proposed to be included on the draft LGI.

Places are assigned a management category 1 to 5 with 1(exceptional significance), 4 (little significance), and 5 (historic site) depending on their level of significance.

Residents within these areas and the owners of individual places will be notified by the Town and will have the opportunity to participate in the heritage review process.

Draft Local Government Inventory of Heritage Places(PDF, 90MB)

Council Minutes 22 May 2018 - Draft Local Government Inventory of Heritage Places and Draft Heritage List for Public Advertising

The Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 - Schedule 2 (Deemed Provisions) enables Council to adopt a Heritage List of places with heritage significance worthy of conservation. The Heritage List provides a statutory level of recognition under the planning framework for the heritage values of a property.  

The Town does not currently have a Heritage List although 10 places are entered or associated with places entered on the State Register.

As part of the heritage review, 81 places identified on the LGI as Categories 1 (Exceptional significance), 2 (Considerable significance) and 3 (Some Significance) are proposed to be entered into a Heritage List.

Owners and occupiers will be notified of the proposed listings and will have the opportunity to participate in the heritage review process.

Owners of places proposed to be heritage listed were provided the opportunity to meet with the heritage review team during the consultation period.  

 Draft Heritage List(PDF, 579KB)

Draft Incentives for Heritage Listed Places(PDF, 69KB)

Council Minutes 22 May 2018 - Draft Local Government Inventory of Heritage Places and Draft Heritage List for Public Advertising

It is important that appropriate resources are available to enable Council to make informed decisions with respect development of heritage places.

It is proposed that independent heritage advice will be sought by the Town to ensure the impact a development may have on the heritage significance of a place can be properly considered.

Draft Local Planning Policy 3.16: Development of Heritage Places outlines the circumstances in which heritage assessment documentation is to be submitted with a development application and/or obtained by the Town from a suitably qualified heritage professional.

Draft Local Planning Policy 3.16: Development of Heritage Places(PDF, 48KB)

State Heritage Office Heritage Impact Statement Guide(PDF, 217KB)

Council Minutes 22 May 2018 - draft Local Planning Policy 3.16: Development of Heritage Places for Public Advertising

Council resolved to prepare Scheme Amendment No. 37 to facilitate effective management and development of places with cultural heritage significance.

The primary scope of Amendment No. 37 is to:

  • exempt maintenance and repair, and minor structures associated with heritage listed places from the requirement to obtain development approval; and
  • modify a dwelling density bonus to apply to places on the Heritage List rather places on the LGI.

Subject to Council's decision, the Scheme Amendment will be submitted to the Western Australian Planning Commission and the Minister for Planning for final approval.

Scheme Amendment No.37 modified clauses(PDF, 71KB)

Scheme Amendment No.37 Report(PDF, 202KB)

Council Minutes 22 May 2018 - Scheme Amendment No.37