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The Town of Cambridge Economic Development Strategy is the first step in an ongoing program of economic development activities that seek to create a business-friendly environment that will assist in maintaining our high level of employment quality and attract further investment in our Town.

Under the Emergency Management Act 2005, local governments are required to ensure 'Arrangements' for emergency management within their district are prepared. The Act places a responsibility on every local government to:

  1. Establish an active Local Emergency Management Committee;
  2. Prepare a Local Recovery Plan for the Town of Cambridge;
  3. Prepare and maintain Local Emergency Management Arrangements;
  4. Appoint a Local Recovery Coordinator for that purposes of the Act; and
  5. Manage recovery activities within their districts.

Town of Cambridge Local Emergency Recovery Plan

The Town of Cambridge Local Recovery Plan(PDF, 596KB) has been prepared in accordance with Section 41(4) of the Emergency Management Act 2005 and forms part of the Local Emergency Management Arrangements for the Town of Cambridge.

On the 26 September 2017, the Council adopted a Local Emergency Recovery Plan (2017) for the Town of Cambridge

The purpose of the Local Recovery Plan is to describe the arrangements for effectively managing recovery at a local level, including accountability and responsibility.

The aim of the Local Recovery Plan is to record the recovery management arrangements in place and to restore, as quickly as possible, the quality of life in an affected community, so that affected parties can continue to function as part of the wider community.

Further Information

For further information call 9347 6000 during business hours and ask for the Local Recovery Coordinator, visit the Office of Emergency Management website.

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