Cambridge St Medical Precinct Urban Design Study & LPP 2.5.2

Submissions closed on 07 June 2021, 05:00 PM

Notice is hereby given that the Town of Cambridge has prepared draft Cambridge Street Medical Precinct Urban Design Study and draft Local Planning Policy 2.5.2: Medical Precinct for public comment.

The draft Study explores key attributes of the Cambridge Street Medical Precinct, inclusive of the St. John of God Hospital site and sets out a set of urban design principles and strategies to guide future redevelopment within the precinct. The provisions of draft Local Planning Policy 2.5.2: Medical Precinct reflect the design guidance contained in the Study with the overarching objective to ensure that future development is consistent with the intentions for the area.

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Submissions on the draft Study and/or Policy should include the policy number or document title, the property affected and details of the submission.

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The existing planning framework for the medical precinct does not adequately consider its economic importance within the Town and its relationship with the surrounding areas.

The Study and proposed Local Planning Policy seek to update the planning provisions applicable to the medical precinct and guide the future development of the precinct in a holistic manner.

The Town appointed urban design and planning specialist firm Hames Sharley to undertake an urban design study of the St John of God Hospital area and surrounds. The Study was to inform the preparation of statutory planning instruments and to address the following key factors:

  1. Strong integration of SJOGH with broader medical precinct and Cambridge Street urban corridor;
  2. Identification, protection and enhancement of landmark buildings & view lines;
  3. Identification and enhancement of active streets and connectivity with surrounds;
  4. Recommendations for built form and massing for the area, particularly at the public interfaces along Cambridge Street, McCourt Street, Station Street and Salvado Road.


The Study and input from the Town’s Design Review Panel informed the drafting of the local planning policy. 

The Cambridge Street Medical Precinct (the precinct) is defined by both sides of Cambridge Street (north), Salvado Road (south), Station Street (west) and McCourt Street (east). Most of this land is zoned ‘Medical’ under the Town of Cambridge Local Planning Scheme No.1.

The LDP for the St John of God Hospital site was approved at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 23 February 2021. This site includes Lot 800 (No. 12) Salvado Road and Lot 147-149 (No. 177) Cambridge Street, Wembley. The LDP guides the land uses, massing and future development on the hospital site.

The preparation of the Study began prior to the lodgement of the LDP and was in part intended to guide the assessment of the LDP as well as provide built form recommendations for the remainder of the precinct surrounding the hospital site. The recommendations and content of the Study have influenced the LDP prior to lodgement and during the assessment, noting that the Study had not been presented to Council at the time the LDP was approved.

Overall, the LDP was considered in the context of the draft Study and LPP and is considered generally consistent with the relevant provisions.

The approved LDP can be viewed here.


The Town’s Design Review Panel (DRP) has contributed professional input and feedback at various stages during the drafting of the Study and LPP through a walking tour of the area, a visioning workshop, and two meetings.

The DRP took into consideration the progression and feedback on the hospital LDP which was also progressing through the lodgement and assessment process at the time.


After advertising has concluded the Town will compile a list of the submissions and prepare a report for Council that considers the submissions received during advertising. The Council will then decide if the Study and policy can be approved, require modifying, or should be refused.

If approved, the policy and the Study document will be a main consideration in assessing any future development applications in the applicable area.