Mosquito Management Plan Consultation

Submissions closing on 26 November 2022, 11:55 PM


The Town of Cambridge is home to some wonderful natural and man-made waterbodies such as Lake Monger and Perry Lakes which provide for some diverse bird and water habitats. We are well known for our abundant open spaces which we all want to use throughout the year. Recent evidence has, however, highlighted that mosquito numbers found in the above areas could increasingly affect this if left unmanaged.

The WA Department of Health has predicted an increase in mosquito numbers this year due to the current La Nina conditions with late rains and more water as a result.  To respond to this, and the overall trends staff have found during investigations, the Town has developed a mosquito management plan which will inform on the control of seasonal mosquitoes and respond to the emerging issue.

The public have a key role and responsibility in this plan implementation. It is important that communities become informed and are stakeholders in achieving a successful program implementation. One active role homeowners can do is to look after their own personal protective measures and monitor and control their backyards for mosquito breeding sites (i.e. fish ponds, swimming pools, gutters, pot plant saucers and any water-holding ‘containers’ will become mosquito breeding sites).

The Town’s Health Services team would like to invite you to view the document(PDF, 581KB) and submit any comments prior to finalisation.

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