Community Engagement

The Town is committed to informing, listening to and involving the community and other stakeholders in Council decision-making.

Our aim is to consistently engage on all our plans, strategies, policies and projects, and have developed a Community Engagement Framework(PDF, 450KB) to guide the process.  The Community Engagement Framework aims to:

  • Ensure community views are understood and considered when developing Council plans, strategies, policies and service delivery.
  • Ensure the community has the opportunity to participate in the conduct of Council through inclusive and equitable engagement practices.
  • Strengthen community connectivity by creating opportunities for the community to get involved with, and have their say on, matters which are important to them.
  • Improve the relationship between the community and Council by ensuring the community is informed about and involved in Council activities.
  • Enhance the coordination, planning and promotion of Council’s community engagement activities.
  • Strengthen feedback and communication from Council so the community knows when and how their input has been considered to inform decisions.

When engaging we aim to use a variety of tools to give you the best opportunity to participate.  These tools include:

  • Surveys
  • Our online meeting place Your Say Cambridge
  • Open days and drop in sessions
  • Workshops
  • Other engagement events and activities

Engagement outcomes are collated, analysed and considered alongside other technical, financial and legislative requirements as a key element of Council's decision-making process.

What is community engagement?

'Community engagement is any process that involves the public in problem-solving or decision-making and uses public input to make decisions' - IAP2 Australasia.

Our community engagement approach follows the guidelines set out by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2), an international leader in community engagement.