All abilities golf club design a world first

Published on 08 February 2018


The team at Wembley Golf Course have been working hard to improve the golfing experience of Australians of all abilities and in the process have created a world first in golfing.

Early last year, Wembley Golf Course acquired a ParaGolfer, a singular all-terrain special mobility device which allows an individual, such as those who use a wheelchair, to be lifted from a sitting position to a standing position to replicate a full golfing experience. In partnership with Empower Golf Australia, an organisation whose mission is to facilitate and promote golf for Australians of all abilities, Wembley Golf Course have held multiple come and try sessions and free development clinics which have been a great success. However, it became apparent that standard golf equipment was not totally suitable for the clients using the ParaGolfer device. 

The team at Wembley Golf Course brainstormed how they could improve the experience for these clients and requested Callaway Golf to design unique irons specifically for ParaGolfer users. 

They identified that the irons needed to have very upright lie angles, softer shafts, additional length and softer grips. When using the ParaGolfer, the user stands in a vertical position with no spinal curvature. This posture means they are at least 30cm closer to the golf ball. This means that the heel of the club is off the ground and causes the toe of the club to touch the ground during the swing. Upon contact, the toe hits the ground and the club twists to the right, as does the golf ball. By altering the clubs angles, the base of the club hits the ground and the player can drive a ball straight down the course. 

We look forward to seeing the new Callaway Golf clubs in action for the first time at the next Empower Golf session at Wembley Golf Course on Tuesday, 13 February.

If you are interested in more information about the free Empower Golf Clinics please email or phone 6280 1300.