Back in the swing

Published on 18 May 2018


Howard Sattler is back on the green thanks to the Wembley Golf Course Empower Golf program.

For many people with disabilities and degenerative disease, losing the ability to do the things you love can be devastating. This was the case for Howard Sattler, only 18 months ago. After being diagnosed with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), a severe form of Parkinson's which compromised his mobility and stability, Mr Sattler made the difficult decision to finish up at Karrinyup Golf Course where he had been a member for 20 years.

Thanks to the Wembley Golf Course and the Empower Golf Program, Mr Sattler is on the green, getting his swing back. Mr Sattler had not imagined being able to play golf ever again, so when Wembley Golf Course Assistant Manager, David Oliphant, called Mr Howard to see if he would like to restart his golf career, he thought David was joking.

"David and Tom Hughson from Empower Golf had a marvellous machine waiting for me."

"The ParaGolfer props me up and allows me to produce a near normal swing. 

"Already I am hitting a little white target significantly more accurately than before my premature retirement," said Mr Sattler. 

The program has gone from strength to strength, with stage two focused on getting the Empower Program participants out on the course, where a new purpose built hole has been added. Callaway Golf is again supporting the cause by designing new short irons and hybrid clubs specifically for the new hole. Mr Sattler and 13 other stage one and two players are now hitting a ball up to 200 metres and learning how to drive the ParaGolfer themselves. The group is aiming to build up the skills they need to play on the course, without interference to themselves or other golfers. 

"Our next goal is to sign up sponsors and conduct regular matches amongst the Perth community."

"I can't wait to tackle the proper course and involve other handicapped golfers," continued Mr Sattler.

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