Cambridge Library goes e-Smart

Published on 10 October 2018


The Town of Cambridge took a big step forward with cyber security when they launched the e-Smart Libraries program at the Cambridge Library on Wednesday 5 September.

Cambridge Mayor Councillor Keri Shannon, who officiated at the launch, said that eSmart Libraries program is a cyber safety framework designed to equip libraries, staff and library users with the skills they need for smart, safe and responsible use of digital technology.

"With public libraries being amongst the most heavily used community centres in Australia, it makes sense that they would take on this program to equip online users and the staff with this kind of peace of mind," she said.

"The e-Smart Libraries program is a big picture approach, and considers how, not only the library users, but also the general and community can develop smart, safe and responsible online practices.

"I want to acknowledge the commitment and diligence of our library staff in bringing this cyber security mindset into the libraries everyday activities and ongoing organisational structure."

Mayor Shannon said that being e-Smart was more than just having a good 'fire wall' software program. "Being e-Smart means knowing how to download content in a legal and ethical way, research and reference information properly, and manage reputations in the digital world."


Fact File

• eSmart program was launched in August 2012 and is a $8 million multi-year partnership with the Telstra Foundation.

• There are 1500 public libraries in Australia with nearly 60% becoming e-Smart

• There were 114 million visits to public libraries last year.