Exercising your dog

Published on 03 August 2018


The Town of Cambridge has a number of dog exercise areas and has just released a new map with showing you where you can exercise your dog including on-leash and off-leash dog exercise areas as well as time restricted areas and prohibited dog areas.

Dog-Exercise-Areas.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

In off leash areas your dog may run freely and below are a few helpful hints to help you avoid on-the-spot fines: 

  • A person capable of controlling the dog must be near the dog at all times.
  • Carry a leash so it can be quickly attached to gain control of the dog.
  • Remove any excreta (poo) left by the dog.
  • The dog must not chase or harass any other person, animal or bird.
  • Remember even if your dog is being playful, others may feel uneasy with its behaviour. Some people do not like to be approached by dogs.

The Town of Cambridge provides dog waste bags in all dog exercise areas to promote and encourage correct disposal practice. These bags are red, the same colour as the bin they go in. If there are no bags available, it is still the dog owner’s responsibility to act responsibly.

Ranger Services will be visiting Pat Goodridge Oval over the next few days to help educate park users on which areas are on and off leash for dogs as well as checking registrations and micro-chipping. If you not sure where you can exercise your dog use the link below or have a chat to one of our helpful rangers.

Exercising your dog