Suspended CEO Jason Buckley ceases role with Town of Cambridge

Published on 23 November 2018



Suspended CEO Jason Buckley ceases role with Town of Cambridge

Jason Buckley has ceased in his role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the Town of Cambridge, effective 13 November 2018.

Mr Buckley was suspended from his position on 9 April 2018.

At a Special Council meeting on 13 November 2018, Council passed a resolution by absolute majority that Mr Buckley be summarily dismissed by the Council in accordance with his contract of employment.

Mr Buckley is not entitled to receive any notice of termination or payment in lieu of notice.

The decision to terminate Mr Buckley’s employment was made following a show cause process which confirmed that 24 of the 25 allegations raised regarding Mr Buckley’s performance in his role as CEO of the Town of Cambridge were substantiated and deemed to be of such a serious nature that justified his dismissal without notice of termination or payment in lieu of notice.

The Council has at all times followed due process in this matter and made the decision to dismiss Mr Buckley last week following a lengthy and thorough disciplinary process which was procedurally fair and one which was deemed to be in the best interests of the Cambridge community.

The Town strongly refutes Mr Buckley’s allegations of mistreatment and bullying raised in the media last week and is disappointed in his decision to take further legal action in relation to this matter.

Mayor Shannon said Mr Buckley’s subsequent allegations that he was not responsible for a raft of issues raised in the Hall and Wilcox report into alleged mismanagement at The Town during his tenure as CEO, and that he would be exonerated, were incorrect and that they could not be dismissed as ‘minor matters’ as Mr Buckley has suggested.

She said the Town’s Administration and Council were working hard to address previous long-term systemic governance failures uncovered in the Hall and Wilcox Report, which was commissioned earlier this year by Council.

This was followed by further statutory compliance audits undertaken by the Town and the Office of the Auditor General following concerns regarding the application of its Town Planning Scheme and other statutory compliance matters, including the Town’s statutory delegations during Mr Buckley’s tenure as CEO.

Mayor Shannon said any further action by Mr Buckley would be firmly defended and that the serious nature of the findings made against him justified this action and was necessary to address a previous lack of governance and oversight that could not go unanswered.

Acting CEO Mr John Giorgi JP, will continue to perform the role of CEO in an acting capacity until such time as the Council appoints a permanent CEO to the role.


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